SMP | Past Events

The Intersection of Finance and Policy
Alyssa will share her experiences at the intersection of finance and policy, and offer career advice into the industries.

Perspectives on Careers in Private Equity and Investment Banking
Description: Greg will talk about his roles as an analyst and associate in IB and PE. The session will be in interview format with time for audience Q&A.

Gamestop, r/WallStreetBets and Diamond Hands
Description: Ignore the crowd and trade like a professional. Trading rules to protect your capital and achieve higher returns in your personal account.

Collateralized Loan Obligations: A Primer
Description: Understanding the basics of CLO’s including structure, collateral requirements, restrictions and other relevant information

Careers for college graduates in the financial sector: from Investment Banking to Commercial Banking and other financial services jobs
Description: The workshop will provide an overview of the financial industry structure and systems. It will also address industry participants as well as the type of jobs available across the finance spectrum.  

Zoom - $500 or $50 Stock? 
How Can Company Financials Inform Us - A Fundamental Look at The #1 Work From Home Stock

Introduction to Defi (decentralized finance) and Blockchain Technology
Description: Topics covered will include key concepts such as stable coins (digital assets that hold a fixed value over time), liquidity pools, and yield farms.