Mission Statement

New Student Experience works collaboratively with faculty, administration, students and various departments on campus to implement a comprehensive university plan for first-year students to promote their retention and academic success at the University. 

The Goals of the department are to:

  • Acclimate students to William Paterson University’s campus
  • Educate students in the area of critical thinking, academic integrity, study skills strategies, information technology and other topics that will provide a foundation for student success
  • Identify and workout solutions for roadblocks to student success in the first year
  • Integrate co-curricular activities with academic programs
  • Promote a smooth transition from high school to college
  • Provide educational programming for student development
  • Stress the importance and implement an academic support plan for first-year students
  • Support students through their first year at the university

 Philosophy & Purpose:

New Student Experience is in direct support of the university’s mission statement as well as the university’s plans as outlined the Strategic Agenda.  The department is committed to the academic development of new students and to the enhancement of student success.  The purpose of the department is to coordinate a series of activities and programs to assist and support students through the first year of their higher education careers.  NSE provides a solid foundation necessary for new students to develop the skills needed to engage in the rigorous academic challenges of higher education.