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Minor in Music & Entertainment Industries

Do you play an instrument but don't feel you have the skills to pass an audition?
Are you interested in the music and entertainment industry?
Want to work for a record label? For Live Nation?
Want to manage artists (or yourself - although we don't recommend that)?
Do you write songs and want to know how publishing works?

If finding answers to these questions excites you, then minoring in Music & Entertainment Industries may be the right choice for you. Led by an experienced faculty, the Minor in Music & Entertainment Industries program is structured to provide the background you need to secure a career for you in the music and entertainment business. The coursework is demanding, but so is the real world. If you think this matches up with your passion, then becoming a Minor in Music & Entertainment Industries may be the right fit for you.

  • No audition required.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA in Music & Entertainment Industries Minor classes suggested to stay in program.
  • Contact: Professor Dave Philp: 973-720-3802.

How to Apply

    • Login into WPU Connect Student Portal.
    • Click on Declare/Change Minor.
    • Click on (Minor Name Here).
    • Fill in your information.
    • Submit application.
For curriculum information please click on the degree program listed below:

WP Music Business Programs Team Up With Warner Music Group

William Paterson University’s Music Management and Popular Music Studies programs are teaming up with the Warner Music Group. As part of this association, qualified WP students will be encouraged to apply for WMG internship opportunities. William Paterson University students will also have access to WMG professionals in a variety of departments, including A&R, Sales, Direct 2 Consumer, and Marketing. Also, rather than feature one individual as the next Music Business Visiting Expert-In-Residence, the 2015-2016 academic year will feature multiple personnel from the Warner Music Group. For details, click here.

Music Management Faculty and Students

From L to R: Dr. Stephen Marcone, Paul Sinclair, head of digital with Atlantic Records, Julie Greenwald, President/COO of Atlantic Records, Steve Leeds, VP SiriusXM and adjunct faculty member, Professor David Philp.


Music Biz logo

Visit our Music Biz 101 website to keep up with what's happening in the industry and our program.

Joan Jett

Our Music Management Seminar series invites top guests from all around the industry to speak and answer your questions about the industry. Recent guests and appearances include Julie Greenwald, President/COO of Atlantic Records, Joan Jett, international rock star, and Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the GM of Beyonce's Parkwood Entertainment.




Marcone and Philp

Dr. Marcone and Professor Philp give you the thumbs-up. Are you ready to learn?

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