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BM Sound Engineering Arts

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Students who wish to pursue a BM degree in Sound Engineering Arts must choose either the Jazz or Classical track.

The William Paterson University Sound Engineering Arts program offers students the essential combination of the technical, theoretical, practical and musical areas of the audio arts. This approach serves to graduate developed musicians with the ambition of entering the professional audio world. Our graduates can be found in every corner and at the highest levels of the professional audio industry. They have recorded major artists, audio sweetened the most watched shows on TV, worked on top selling video games, recorded the largest musical festivals in the US, provided sound for the largest sporting event in football, and much more. Our close proximity to New York City provides unparalleled opportunities for or students. 
For curriculum information please click on the degree programs listed below:
Developing the skills both musical and technical

The SEA programs rests on a strong belief that to reach the highest levels of success and to experience longevity in the audio industry an aspiring audio professional is best prepared by developing skills in all areas pertaining to the professional audio world. This includes a strong and diverse musical background, a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of science and mathematics as it applies to sound, and a great deal of hands-on learning in a variety of studio and live sound environments. To complete the learning experience all students participate in at least one professional level internship experience that takes place in or around the New York metropolitan area.

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