PE Events

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If you were a Freshman, Sophomore, New Transfer Student, or New Business Major at the start of the Fall 2016 semester (or after), CLICK HERE to learn about the Professional Enrichment 2.0 program

All others are grand-parented into the previous PE requirements.  CLICK HERE to learn about the pre-Fall 2016 PE requirements.

Career Development

An important part of the Professional Enrichment 2.0 program is the Career Development Component.  This requirement will allow students to participate in guided activities and experiences that will teach them how to develop the necessary skills in order to navigate their professional career development process.  All Cotsakos College of Business students will take part in the following career components through the Career Development Center:

  • Develop a Career Development Plan (PE 1.0 - 1 point)
  • Have an approved resume on file with the Career Development Center (PE 1.0 - .5 point)
  • Have a well developed LinkedIn Profile (PE 1.0 - 0.5 point)
  • Complete at least one Mock Interview (PE 1.0 - 1 point)

All Freshmen, Sophomores, and New Business Majors should set up their first Career Development appointment as early as possible during their first semester as a Business major.

To schedule an appointment, call the Career Development  Center at (973) 720-3291 and ask to schedule your Initial PE Appointment with Mary Alice Barrows.

Microsoft Excel Certification

Students at the Cotsakos College of Business can satisfy the Technology Tier 1 "Excel Basics" requirement by passing the Microsoft Excel Specialist exam through the College's Global Business & Finance Institute (GBFI). The second exam for Excel Expert Certification can be used toward completion of the Technology Tier 2 "Excel Advanced" activity.

Excel training is offered through instructor-led workshops as well as on-demand video tutorials. Students may use either channel although attendance at instructor-led workshops is strongly encourage.  For more information on the Excel Certification program, please visit our Microsoft Excel Certification web page.