Undergraduate Program

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Undergraduate students enrolled in the Cotsakos College of Business may pursue the Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Finance, Financial Planning, Global Business, Management, Marketing, or Professional Sales. The College also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, minors in Accounting, Economics, and Professional Sales (for all students) and a minor in Business Administration (for students who are not pursuing a business degree).

The Cotsakos College of Business continually updates and revises its curriculum so that it is both competitive and contemporary. All Cotsakos College of Business students must complete the University Core Curriculum and graduation requirements of the University, the business core, specified directed elective business degree credit requirements, and the credit hour requirements of their major.

Students pursue a curriculum that provides coverage in areas that form the context for business such as ethical and global issues, and the influence of diversity and political, social, legal, regulatory, and technological issues on organizations. Finally, Cotsakos College of Business degree programs require all students to obtain foundation knowledge in the areas of behavioral sciences, mathematics and statistics, and economics.

Professional Enrichment Initiative

The professional enrichment program at the Cotsakos College of Business is designed to prepare and transition students for a highly competitive and demanding twenty-first century job market. This co-curricular program rests upon a strong developmental foundation integrating Career Development, Soft Skills, Technology, and Communication. Graduates will develop the professional skills and career management tools necessary to succeed in their chosen discipline within the global economy.

Completion of PE activities are used in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for MGT 4600 (Business Strategy and Policy), which is a required course for all Bachelor of Science programs at the Cotsakos College of Business. Specifically, ten percent of the grade earned in this course is based on students' Professional Enrichment activities.

Internships / Job Shadowing & Practicum

The Cotsakos College of Business understands the importance of experiential learning and offers eligible students a variety of opportunities to apply textbook knowledge to the real world.

Internships in many business disciplines are available to eligible students. Frequently, an internship becomes the stepping stone to more permanent employment and it is an important component of a student's resume.

A Practicum is another valuable experiential learning opportunity for Cotsakos College of Business students who work in small groups, under faculty supervision, on a semester-long consulting project provided by a corporation or other organization.

The Job Shadowing program, offered in partnership with the Office of Alumni Relations and the Career Development and Gloria S. Williams Advisement Center, provides a wonderful opportunity to the College's top students to spend a day with an accomplished business leaders at their place of employment.

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Assurance of Learning

The Cotsakos College of Business has implemented a comprehensive assurance of learning process. Learning outcomes assessment is regularly performed and input from students and other stakeholders is used for the purpose of enacting continuous improvement in both course content and program/curricular offerings.

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