Executive lecture Series: Big Data

"The Future of Information Systems & Big Data in Business Management"


Anthony V. Pessolano, President & CEO, Global Beverage Corp
Professor Jim Samuel, WPU


- A live case analysis with Anthony V. Pessolano, President & CEO, Global Beverage Corp

Mr. Pessolano will discuss the evolving use of information systems in the Big Data ecosystem. He will narrate challenges faced at the executive level in IS choice decisions and highlight critical decision criteria in the choice of IS & Big Data /Analytics solutions. There is much at stake as we look into a hyper-accelerated digital future – Mr. Pessolano will provide insights into how the industry is adapting to the expectations and the opportunities that technological advances and big data analytics present.

- Commentary on emerging IS trends & job market implications by Prof. Jim Samuel.

Professor Samuel will highlight the changing business needs and jobs scenario - he will provide insights into how today's workforce can prepare for a future with big data dynamics and artificial intelligence as the norm.


7:15PM to 8:30PM, November 8, 2017


Room #1012 - 1600 Valley Rd, Wayne, NJ  07470