William Paterson University Faculty Senate


The faculty Senate is a governance body elected by the faculty which has the responsibility to provide a forum for discussion and the formulation of policy, gather information and opinion for study, and take such action as is necessary in cooperation with other sectors of the College Community to make policies effective.

Faculty Senate Executive Committee 2018-2019

Arlene Scala - Chairperson

Peter Griswold - Vice Chairperson

Bill Duffy - Secretary

Giuliana Campanelli Andreopoulos - At-large

Jean Levitan - At-large

Sue Tardi - At-large 

WPUNJ Faculty Senate
Preakness Hall 219
Tel. 973-720-2136
Program Assisstant: May Chabayta
Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 9:00AM-2:00PM

Senate Liaison to the BOT Educational Policy and Student Development Committee Maureen Martin

Senate Liaison to the BOT Finance, Audit and Institutional Development Committee John Malindretos