Frequently Asked Questions



1. How does this work?
  Students set up Study Groups in the sciences and some mathematics courses based on the availability of Tutors, Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and Academic Mentors. Once a Study Group is established, all students in that subject with that professor are welcome and encouraged to join, as long as students continue to attend them (If students do not attend this Study Group, the session may be replaced with another study group). Feel free to attend any of the sessions corresponding to your course and professor that fit into your schedule.
2. What is a Study Group?
  A Study Group meets every week with a tutor at a specific time to discuss and review course content. Once a Study Group is formed, you are guaranteed that hour and 15min time slot in your subject throughout the semester on a regular schedule as long as you honor your commitment. Study group sessions are scheduled during the same time slots as your classes, therefore they be scheduled in conjunction with your class schedule.
3. How do I sign up for a Study Group?
  You can sign up for a previously established Study Group or start your own. To join an existing group, search the SEC Study Group schedule, posted online and at the SEC office (located in Science Hall East, Suite 3054). If a group fits into your schedule, feel free to come to the SEC at that appointed time. Remember to bring your student ID; It will be scanned so your attendance of the Study Group is on record.
4. What if I can’t come to one of the established Study Group sessions?
  If you are unable to attend one of the Study Groups on the schedule, and there is an empty slot on the schedule, then you can create a study group during that time slot. However, make sure that the tutor available during that time tutors your subject. When you find a time and tutor right for you, ask a SEC staff member to reserve the spot for you.
5. What is a Coupon?
  Coupons are proof that you attended a Study Group and can be exchanged in some classes for extra credit.  In order to earn a Coupon point, students must actively participate in a Study Session for an hour and 15min and have the Coupon signed by both the tutor and the SEC Director/ Assistant Director.
6. Who are the tutors?
  William Paterson undergraduate and graduate students, who have excelled in their science courses, and science professors.
7. What is Walk-In tutoring?
  Drop-In Tutoring sessions are Study Groups available to students without prior appointment or future commitment.
8. How do I sign up for online tutoring?
  Online tutoring is offered for students who are unable to attend on-site Study Groups due to work, family, or other extenuating circumstances. It requires an online orientation and uses an audiovisual platform. Current sessions can be found on the SEC WebPages. New sessions can be requested using the SEC Online registration form located on the SEC web pages.
9. How long is a Study Group session?
  1 hour and 15 minutes.
10. Can I attend a session for my course if the Study Group was set up for another professor?
  You can attend the Group if you are covering the same content that week, but you must set up another Study Group specific for your professor as soon as possible because material covered will be specific for that course and professor.
11. How do I use material resources at the SEC?
  Text books, laboratory equipment, and exams can be used on site by signing them out and providing us with your University ID.
12. What is my Banner ID?
  Your Banner ID is your University-issued 855 number. 
13. Can I do Lab if the session is for Lecture?
  No. Lecture sessions are for Lecture topics only. If you wish to attend a lab session, then you may either create a lab study group or join an existing one as explained in question 3.
14. How do I know which sessions are for Lab?
  Lab tutoring sessions are specifically identified on the schedule as laboratory sessions. For example, it will be posted as Gen. A&P I Lab, instead of Gen. A&P I.
15. Are you open at night?
  Our latest sessions run from 4:45PM until 6:00PM. The SEC office closes at 5:00PM.
16. Are you open on Saturdays?
  The SEC is open for Drop-In Study Groups between 10:00AM and 2:00PM on Saturdays. On Saturday you must sign up for a Drop-In spot in order to reserve a tutor. 
17. What if I can’t come in for the whole semester?
  The Science Enrichment Center operates by demand. If a group stops coming in, another group, and possibly another subject, will get the time-slot.
18. Can I just get someone for today?
  Yes, if someone is available.
19. I only have a few questions and I don’t want to stay for a whole session. What do I do?
  We offer Drop-In sessions where you can attend and ask questions (see question 4). Otherwise, you can ask your questions during the 15 minutes between sessions if someone is available.
20. Why do I have the Science Enrichment Center located under My Courses on Blackboard?
  All students who are currently enrolled in a science course have the Science Enrichment Center on Blackboard; it allows the SEC and professors to communicate and provide resources to you.
21. What happens if the directors of the SEC are not here to sign my Coupon?
  Your tutor will sign his/her name on your Coupon and return it to you. The tutor will then notify the directors to sign their students’ Coupons. Return to the SEC office at a later date to have your Coupon signed by a director.