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Sustainability In Residence Life

It is an ongoing commitment to the Residence Life department that we work toward more and more sustainable efforts within our residence halls. Whether that means changing some of our cleaning products or participating in a campus greening event, we want to be part of the change and are taking on some of William Paterson's vision to become a more sustainable university.

What Are We Doing?

Our current sustainability efforts are still in the early stages. We have always tried to make decisions with sustainability in mind, but we are now trying to make that a departmental goal. Here is a list of just a few of the things that we have done so far:

  • We always seek recycling alternatives whenever we discard of: Metal, Appliances, Mattresses, and Furniture
  • When we replace older flooring, we replace it with a product that is made from discarded construction materials. We also attempt to use flooring that does not require stripping and waxing, thereby, reducing the amount of potentially harmful chemicals we use.
  • We have replaced all of the exterior perimeter lighting in High Mountain East and West with energy efficient LED bulbs. Newer induction lighting fixtures were installed on our remaining halls.
  • As light poles around the residence halls are replaced, we are also using a new energy efficient LED model.
  • As older heating and cooling units are being replaced, we are replacing them with newer, more efficient models.
  • Older shower heads have been replaced with newer ones that use less water.
  • Containers have been placed in each residence hall to collect old batteries. This will allow for us to dispose of them properly instead of having residents throw them in the trash.
  • Occupancy Sensors are being installed in some residence halls in order to turn off lights that would normally be left one when no one is around.

What Are Our Future Goals?

In the future, we are hoping to expand our sustainability efforts and to further educate our residential students in new ways they can help make our campus a greener place. The more educated our students become about sustainability, the more ideas and efforts we can create and expand upon. 

What Can You Do To Help?

Tell us what you would like to see! Talk to an RA or your RD about any sustainability programs and/or initiatives that you would like to see in the residence halls. We want to hear what you all want to do as we move forward with new ideas.

You can also make a huge impact by just being more conscious of the resources that you use. Remember to recycle or turn the lights off in your room if you are not using them. Take a look at our tips on how to be more sustainable if you would like to learn more.

Sustainability Resources

The links below are just a few of the many resources about sustainability that can be found online. These ones in particular have been helpful in some of the initiatives and partnerships that the Residence Life Department has taken on.


tree planting 2013
Cleanup 2013