Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life supports the mission of William Paterson University and the Division of Student Development by providing an atmosphere that enhances the academic success and personal growth of our students. 

We provide opportunities for students to develop through participation in programs and assuming responsibility for themselves and their living environment.  We work to foster a community that values diversity and promotes mutual respect. 

It is our intention to provide co-curricular experiences that are essential to the development of our current and future students.

Our Philosophy

To ensure that the mission of the Office of Residence Life is achieved, our philosophy is:

  • To provide students with information to help them become successful problem solvers and make responsible decisions. Information is provided through various forms of communication, including web-based and other social media outlets.
  • To offer programs that challenge students to identify important problems, questions, and issues related to the areas of development, such as citizenship, diversity, health and wellness, and personal discovery.
  • To encourage students to explore their personal values, beliefs, and ethics to help increase their self-awareness and identity development.
  • To afford opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through which they learn to work collaboratively and develop meaningful relationships.
  • To actively prepare our students to participate in effecting change in their own lives and their communities and to function competently in a multi-cultural global society.
  • To provide programs and learning experiences through extracurricular and co-curricular activities to help students become well rounded, engaged, successful students.