Meet the Staff

Feel free to contact us using the avenues below:

Contact Phone Email
General Office 973-720-2714
Rebecca Baird 973-720-2714
Nicholas Gramiccioni 973-720-2712 
Leslie Kropa 973-720-2713 

Director of Residence Life

Mrs. Rebecca Baird supervises the recruitment, selection, training, and evaluation of the professional and paraprofessional staff. She also oversees the staff in the administration of the summer conference programs, designs the Residence Life Handbook, and serves on various student development committees.  She seeks to create, provide, and distribute programming, educational, and leadership resources and opportunities to the paraprofessional staff and students in the residence halls. 

Associate Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations

Mr. Nicholas Gramiccioni is responsible for multiple programs within the department, including marketing of the program and new student recruitment into the Residence Life program. This position also oversees the logistics of the student housing assignment process, billing, residential record keeping, and reassignment of continuing resident students through the spring Room Selection process. In addition, the Associate Director is responsible for student billing and the management of the residential software system. 

Assistant Director of Student Success and Engagement

Mrs. Leslie Kropa is responsible for community development for the residential community. She provides assistance to college and campus-wide programs designed to improve student involvement and academic success. In addition she is responsible for student outreach to help address transition issues, specifically with the purpose of increasing retention of students in the residence halls.

Resident Directors

The residence halls have area hall offices which serve as the communications centers for each of the buildings. The hall administrators (Resident Directors) are full-time, live-in professionals who have completed their Master’s degrees in Higher Education or a related field. They are responsible for overseeing the daily functioning of the facilities and the programs within the residence halls. They conduct judicial hearings when University Policy is violated, see to the well-being of all residents, and supervise staffs of Resident Assistants and Desk Assistants who are undergraduate students. The hall administrators live on campus in order to respond to the needs of the students in emergency situations. Each administrator has extensive training in student services and residential issues, and serves as a resource person for the students and the Residence Life staff.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants are undergraduate students specifically selected and trained to deal with a variety of situations. These staff members enforce policy and develop programs in order to create an environment conducive to living and learning. They create and implement educational and social programs, enforce policy, and complete administrative tasks necessary for the functioning of the hall.

Desk Assistants

Desk Assistant staff members are undergraduate or graduate students responsible for enforcing the security and visitation policy within the residence halls by verifying the identity of residents entering the hall using our University ID card access machines. These individuals are especially selected and trained to act as resources for visitors.