Room Selection Process

Online Room Selection begins in March

Current residents spring 2019 access the "Continuing Residents Housing Application" 

Participation in online Room Selection guarantees our current residents in a space in housing for next academic year. Commuter students interested in housing may be pulled into this process by current residents.   
Log into WP Connect>Campus Life>Residence Life-MyResCenter 
  • To renew your housing, first update your emergency contact information; name, phone contact/address.
  • Open the Continuing Resident Application for fall 2019 and complete all required fields.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Contract. (PDF copy available within the application). Be sure to click the "submit" button. 
  • Select roommates by providing their name and William Paterson email address - This is step 4 and it is only available to you after your housing deposit is processed as paid. Please allow 24 hours after payment for Step 4 to become open to you in ResCenter.  

Pay your $150.00 non-refundable housing deposit.  Click here - It is recommended that you submit the required $150.00 non-refundable deposit in the Bill and Payment Center in WP Connect. If you have $150.00 cash payment, you may also pay your deposit at Student Enrollment Services Office, Morrison Hall. This does take longer to post to your account, so please advise the Residence Life Office in White Hall if you are paying a cash deposit to the other office.

Confirm Roommates in ResCenter. Mutually confirming roommates in ResCenter before selection dates is essential to a smooth process of choosing a suite. Roommate request function closes the day before the online selection begins. Dates of closure will be 5:00 p.m. 3/20 - 3/23; 3/27 -3/30; 4/3 - 4/6. 

Important Deadlines:

  • 3/1/19 - Medical requests and documents due to Residence Life Central Office, White Hall, lower level
  • 3/6/19 - Gender Inclusive and Substance Free special interest housing applications due to Residence Life Central Office, White Hall, lower level
  • 3/8/19 - Single Room Lottery - To participate, completed housing application and deposit must be submitted today in ResCenter and you must choose "yes" to question regarding single lottery. 
  • 3/9/19 - First Round of lottery numbers will be generated for housing contracts and deposits submitted by midnight
  • 3/15/19 - Second Round of Lottery numbers will be generated for housing contracts and deposits submitted by midnight
  • 3/20/19 - Full & partial suites (groups of 4 & 3) must confirm roommates in step 4 of ResCenter (housing deposit submission required from you and each requested roommate)
  • 3/26/19 - Pairs (2 in a room -cannot split in suite) must confirm roommate in step 4 of ResCenter (housing deposit submission required from each person) 
  • 4/3/19 - Last opportunity to select a space on campus through online selection requires a housing contract and deposit submitted by 4:30 pm

Online Room Selection Dates:

  • March 18 - Single Room Selection for residents who received approval email to participate (met all deadlines above). Notice for access time to select in ResCenter provided in email day before.
  • March 21 through 23 - Full & partial suites (groups of 3 or 4 requested in housing application and met all deadlines above). Notice for access time in ResCenter provided in email day before. 
  • March 27 through 29 - Roommate pairs and individuals without a roommate. Notice for access time in ResCenter provided in email day before. 
  • April 4 through 6 - Final online selection of spaces for anyone who missed earlier dates and completed contract/deposit by last deadline date above. Access time in ResCenter provided in email the night of 4/3. Roommate confirmations do not guarantee that the space is still available at this time.  

Need to browse for a new roommate? Residence Life is providing access to RoomSync, a roommate-matching app for our returning students, commuters, and new transfer students. RoomSyncthe Roommate Matching App, is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 or above, Firefox, Google Chrome, and any mobile devices. Watch the videos to learn more about RoomSync, here and here. For issues contact 

Click here to join and start your search for Room Selection. (Passcode if needed is 420195) 


Missed Room Selection?  Residents are assigned by Residence Life after Room Selection. Contact our office by email for roommate requests. Our office will review the availability. New freshmen applicants to the University cannot be requested into continuing student housing and are assigned to specific freshmen residence halls. Pay your $150.00 non-refundable housing deposit here- 



The University provides living accommodations for students presenting with physical disabilities. All students must be able to reside independently in these facilities; that is, be able to do their own dressing, self-care, cleaning, etc.If you have  special needs which we should be aware of when considering your application, please include a description in your housing application. Supporting documentation is a requirement and will be shared with ARC. We ask that you identify yourself with the Accessibility Resource Center at William Paterson University. Residence Life works with staff in adhering to ADA guidelines. Their contact information is 973-720-2853, and the web site is

Emotional Support Animals (ESA) 

The University will consider available living accommodations for students presenting a need for an ESA .The process to request for accommodation begins with the Accessibility Resource Center and pre-approved by their administrator. You should explain your request for housing and mention that you will be applying for this accommodation with Residence Life, however, without following the appropriate process with the Accessibility Resource Center, no student may bring a support animal with them to campus.