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What is a student identification number?

A student identification number is the student’s nine-digit number, which is used for identification purposes with the institution.

What is William Paterson University’s internet address?

The University’s internet address is

Where do I go to register for classes?  From the University’s home page log onto wpconnect.  From there you can select an option to look up classes and/or register.  You can register for classes wherever there is internet access.

How much time do I have to register on the Web?

There is a time limit for your session on the web.  After this, your session will be terminated and you will have to log on again.  This is a security measure to prevent someone else from viewing your schedule if you happen to forget to log off.

What happens if my session ends before I finish registering?

As long as you have submitted some of your scheduled courses you will retain that schedule.  If you have to reconnect to web registration, you can pick up with registration where you left off.

What happens if a course I have selected on Web registration is closed?

When registering via the Web, you can look at all the sections of a course and view which are opened or closed.  Web registration will not allow you to register for a closed course.  If all sections of the course are closed, contact your advisor for assistance.

Can I get a copy of my schedule on the Web?

There are two formats of your schedule on the Web.  The first, Student Schedule, displays a graphic schedule in time blocks so that you can view your courses at a glance and see their time distribution.  The second, Detailed Schedule, lists your course information with additional information that you may need.

How can I change my PIN?

Your PIN is initially set to your date of birth.  To insure that your records are secure, we do encourage each student to change their PIN.  You can go to wpconnect and click on personal information to change your PIN.

What do I do if I lose or forget my PIN?

Students who lose or forget their PIN can go to wpconnect and click on “I Forgot My PIN.”  You will need to submit your information and your PIN will be sent to your student e-mail account within one hour, under normal operating conditions.

What is the personal identification number (PIN)?

A personal identification number is a six digit number based that is initially up on the student’s birth date (month, day and year). This PIN number provides access to all William Paterson University information systems.


An ALTERNATE PIN is required for registration.  Without this number students will not be able to register.  Students will receive their ALTERNATE PIN from their advisor when the advisement appointment takes place for each semester.  This number will be changed every semester, thereby enforcing the advisement process.  You must have your  ALTERNATE PIN in order to register.  Please note:  Graduate student’s  ALTERNATE PIN  is their PIN (birth date, e.g. 010572).

How do I find out about registration?

You will receive an email to your university email account informing you that registration will begin shortly.  All information regarding registration is available on the web.  Be sure to read your university email as the university utilizes this method to provide important information to students and the community as a whole.

I lost my ALTERNATE PIN, what do I do?

Once you enroll you can get your ALTERNATE PIN on the Registration Status and Permits page.  It will remain there throughout the registration period as well as the semester.  Please be sure that you are selecting the appropriate semester to get the correct ALTERNATE PIN.

Do I need ALTERNATE PIN to program adjust or drop courses?

Yes, your ALTERNATE PIN is required any time you make a change to your schedule.

What are prerequisites?

Prerequisites are conditions that must be met prior to your enrollment in certain courses.  These conditions are programmed  in the computer.  You will not be able to register for the course if you have not satisfied the prerequisite(s).  Please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs for the appropriate prerequisites

What is a CRN?

Each course offered has been assigned a five (5) digit number for system identification.  A CRN is required to register, drop or add a course.

What happens if I have a hold on my records?

Students who attempt to register but have a hold on their records will be prevented from registering.  The Web will identify the hold, the office that has placed the hold and a contact phone number.  Holds must be resolved in order to be eligible to register.

When am I eligible to register?

The registration timetable is based on earned credits (excluding currently enrolled courses).  Each student must adhere to the Timetable listed in this reference guide to ensure fairness.  You will not be able to register before your scheduled time.

What if I receive a message that I am ineligible to register?

If you receive a message that you are ineligible to register, you should verify the registration timetable in this reference guide.  If you are not currently enrolled at WilliamPatersonUniversity, you may be required to re-admit through the Office of Admissions.  You should contact the Office of Registration Services if you are experiencing any other registration difficulties.

If I was on a Leave of Absence the prior semester, how can I register?  What if I withdrew from the university?

If you are returning from a leave of absence, you may register providing that your return date and the semester you are registering for are the same.  If you withdrew from the university, you must be readmitted by Admissions before you can register.

Do I have to do anything when I am given a “permit” or “authorization”?

Yes!  Authorizations or permits issued by the department chairpersons to waive prerequisites or for entry into a closed course must be claimed by the student by registering for the course, within the registration window in which the authorization or permit was issued.  To register for a closed class you need the 5 digit CRN for the course.  You will need to enter that number on the registration page to get into a closed class. 

What happens if I miss my scheduled registration session? Will there be a late registration?

Students who fail to register during their initial scheduled session will be allowed to register at a later date.  Continuing students who register for the first time during Program Adjustment will be assessed a non-negotiable late fee of  registration fee of $150.00.  See the timetable in this reference guide for additional registration sessions.

If I am given authorization to have a prerequisite waived, am I registered for that course?

No, an authorization does not register you.  You must claim the authorization by registering for the course within the registration window in which the authorization was issued.

If I am given a departmental permission to register for a closed course, am I automatically registered for that course?

No, a permit does not automatically register you.  You must claim the permit by registering for the course within the registration window in which the permit was issued. To register for a closed class you need the 5 digit CRN for the course.  You will need to enter that number on the registration page to get into a closed class.

How many credits can I take in a semester?

The maximum  number of credits an undergraduate student can take in Fall and Spring semesters is 19.  In the Summer, students can take a maximum of 14 credits.  To enroll for more than 19 credits as an undergraduate student you must obtain permission from your major department chair and it must be approved by the Academic Dean. Once approved it will be submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

I have put myself on the wait-list for a course, When can I register for the course?

If a seat becomes available, you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the seat is available. At that time YOU MUST register yourself for the course through WP Connect. PLEASE note once you have placed yourself on the wait-list, the course will appear as zero credits on your class schedule. 

When can I make a program adjustment?

Any time the registration system is available to you, an adjustment can be made to your schedule.  Check the registration timetable in this reference guide.

What if I wish to drop all my courses for the semester?

If you wish to drop all of your courses complete the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form which can be found online through wpconnect.

What will happen if I drop below 12 credits?

Many times, undergraduate students must be enrolled for at least 12 credits to be full time status for reasons such as Financial Aid, Residence Life, Athletics and/or insurance.