The Physical Plant Operations (PPO) organization performs functions that touch everyone in the University community.

  • Operate, maintain, and repair the structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire alarm systems of the University's buildings once their construction has been completed and accepted

  • Maintain the Athletics fields

  • Implement and affect the beautification and landscaping throughout the campus

  • Clean halls, classrooms, conference rooms, lavatories, common areas, and offices (for security reasons, offices by appointment only), and remove trash and recycle materials

  • Maintain the University's vehicle fleet

  • Prepare planned and sanctioned event set-ups in support of Hospitality Services contracts. This function must be funded by the event sponsor in accordance with University policy
  • Pick up, process, and distribute the external and interoffice mail

  • Deliver parcels

  • Maintain and repair elevators

  • Warehouse excess furniture and bulk stationary materials, and retain University records required by law

  • Review Health, Safety, and Environmental compliance with codes and regulations and provide internal consultation for resolving violations

  • Pick up and remove litter from grounds, roads, and parking lots

  • Remove snow and ice from roads, parking lots, and walks

  • Administrate trash hauling Recycle contracts

  • Negotiate and administrate electric, natural gas, water, and sewerage contracts

  • Maintain the utilities and site infrastructure throughout the campus

  • Coordinate on-campus moves and relocations. If the move is discretionary, your department may receive a charge

  • Consult with the selection and installation of departmental furniture, carpet and window treatment. Provide for those items in common and public space

  • Provide Pest Control

  • Maintain and repair roadways, parking lots, and pedestrian thoroughfares

  • Install building and room signage

  • Re-paint building interiors and exteriors throughout the campus, and install wall coverings in common and public spaces

  • Install and remove asset tags in compliance with University procedures

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Departmental Funding Responsibility