Pre-Physical Therapy (traditional) Track

  • Pre-PT students should take BIO1130 General Anatomy & Physiology II in place of BIO1640 General Biology II in the core prior to entering the Pre-Medical Professions concentration.
  • Students pursuing the Accelerated 3+3 pre-PT/PT route should follow the detailed 3+3 program instructions found HERE, and then use the guidance below if finishing their BS degree at WPU.
  • Some PT programs require the GRE exams for entrance. Reading comprehensive exam scores >50% is usually required.
  • Most PT programs now require >100-150 internship hours in up to 3 different settings. Plan accordingly, and plan early. 

Required Electives:

PHYS2560 College Physics II or PHYS2610 General Physics II 

Recommended Electives:

KNES 3300 Biomechanics

Any Pre-Medical Concentration Elective Course Option 

Other Recommendations:

Check your target PT Schools for any Organic Chemistry requirements, and to see if they require a second Psychology course.