Pre-Dental Track

  • For DDS/DMD programs, the DAT entrance exams are required. Like the MCAT, the DAT contains a science section for Biology & Chemistry, but unlike the MCAT they also include sections on Perceptual ability and Reading Comprehension along with Quantitative Reasoning - which makes the DAT more like the GRE exam. Students must prepare early for these exams. 
  • DDS/DMD programs in the US are more variable than medical degree programs in terms of pre-reqs/co-reqs, so students are advised to pin-point their target schools early (upon entrance into the Pre-Medical Professions concentration). 

Required Electives:

CHEM 2580 Organic Chemistry II

PHYS 2560 College Physics II or PHYS2610 General Physics II 

Highly Recommended Electives:

CHEM 4270 Biochemistry 

Recommended Electives:

Any Pre-Medical Concentration Elective Course Option 

Other Science Recommendations:

Check your target Dental Schools for Anatomy & Physiology requirements. 

Recommended UCC:

Public Speaking, and Business