Pre-Occupational Therapy Track

  • The OT degree is an MS degree obtainable in with 2-4 years of post-graduate work. A standard Biology core curriculum, and a full year of A&P are usually required.
  • Pre-OT students should take General A&P I and II in place of General Biology II in the core, prior to entering the Pre-Medical Professions concentration.
  • Some OT programs require GRE exams and scores above the 50% , but MCAT scores can be substituted.
  • Most OT programs require 50-100 hours of observation with hours in progress or planned before application.

Required Electives:

KNES 3300  Biomechanics

PSY 2110 (Lifespan Development) or PSY 3510 (Abnormal Psychology) 

Other Recommendations:

Check your target OT Schools for any Organic Chemistry requirements, extra math requirements, or a third psychology requirement.

Check your target OT Schools for any Medical Terminology course requirement.