What is a Non-DAC: The Division of Disabilities (DDD) created the designation Non-DAC for individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) who are eligible for an exception to the requirement of having Medicaid before they can receive DDD services. Income limits are still applicable.

Possible Non-DAC categories:

  1. An individual that never had Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as a minor. If the individual, at age 18, is receiving Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) through a parent’s disability, death or retirement they will not qualify for Medicaid if the SSDI is above the Medicaid threshold.
  2. A parent is paying child support and the payment places the individual with I/DD above Medicaid’s income threshold. Only two thirds of the monthly child support payment counts as the child’s income.
  3. The individual is employed but does not qualify for NJ Workability because SSDI payments from a parent’s work record are above the unearned income threshold.

How to seek Non-DAC status:

Contact the DDD intake office. Documentation will be required so that DDD can determine if the individual is functionally eligible.

You can also fill out the ARC of NJ’s Medicaid Eligibility Problem Form and forward it to The ARC of NJ.

If you believe that your child should be designated as Non-DAC, you should fill out the ARC of New Jersey’s Medicaid Eligibility Problem Form or the DDD troubleshooting form.

Financial requirements: To receive the Non-DACs designation, individuals should have earned or unearned income above 100% Federal Poverty Level and under 300% Federal Benefit.

What should be done after receiving a “Non-DAC” designation from DDD: Complete the DDD intake application. Once approved for DDD services, you will receive a Medicaid application from DDD. At that time, you should apply for Medicaid for the individual with I/DD through the Waiver Supports Program. Contact your local Social Security office to inquire about Community Medicaid.

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