Requirements for Every Education Major

Taking Education Major Coursework

When you are permitted to begin the professional sequence of education major coursework, you will have the support of the College of Education in achieving the following:

  • 3.0 overall cumulative GPA
  • 3.0 education major GPA
  • Adhere to other academic policies may be referenced here:
  • Passing Praxis Subject Assessment(s)   This is a test of the content you will be responsible for teaching.  It is a licensure exam.
  • Official, scores for the PRAXIS (II) Subject Assessment must be received by the university from the testing company by the following deadlines.  Scores for all tests required for your license area/areas must be received.   This includes middle school exams if applicable.
    • Required to TAKE the PRAXIS Subject Assessment to enter Clinical Practice I (CPI)
    • Required to PASS the PRAXIS Subject Assessment in order to enter Clinical Practice II (CPII)
    • Deadlines: January 1 for Spring clinicals and August 15 for Fall clinicals
  • Meet Office of Field Experience dates and deadlines. Further information:
    • Complete the NJ Department of Education Criminal History Background Check and Fingerprinting Process
    • Apply for Your Substitute Teaching License (background check and Mantoux testing are required)
    • Apply for Clinical Experience/s and Clinical Practices

Obtaining Your License

The Office of Education Enrollment and Certification has the honor of being requested to recommend qualified teacher candidates to the NJ Department of Education for obtainment of the Certificate of Eligibility With Advanced Standing (CEAS) license.  Qualifications to request recommendation include:

  • 3.0 Cumulative overall GPA
  • 3.0 Education major GPA
  • edTPA Performance Assessment
  • Conferred Bachelor's Degree

  • Great teachers know their resources.  Many are availalbe for free to students at WPUNJ (Resources).
  • Professional Dispositions:  Teacher candidates at WPUNJ must acknowledge receipt, reading and adherence to the Professional Dispositions of the College of Education.  View the Professional Dispositions today on WPConnect in your education checklist.