Graduate Education Major Requirements

Application for Certification

  • Applications are available online.  Please see our New Jersey Licensure and Praxis Information Page. 
  • Completed applications are to be returned to the Office of Certification during the final semester in program.
  • Submission deadlines are as follows: Fall - October 1st; Spring - March 1st; Summer - June 1st.
  • All initial licensure applications must be notarized prior to submitting to the Office.
  • If your certification area requires a Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) exam, please submit your application regardless of your achievement on the examination
  • The State will not issue a license to teach without completing a teacher education program, passing the necessary Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) exam(s) (if required for your area), a bachelor's degree and a major appropriate to the area of certification


  • If you are completing a WPUNJ master's degree, do not forget to apply for graduation on WPConnect.
  • Submission deadlines are as follows: January graduation - September 1; May graduation - December 1; August graduation - June 1
  • If your program has a comprehensive requirement please complete the Application for Comprehensive Requirement by  October 1st for the Fall or March 1st for the Spring

Funding and Support Initiatives



Don't forget to apply for graduation!

Submission deadlines are as follows:
January graduation- September 1;
May graduation- December 1;
August graduation- June 1