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MAT Initial Certification Programs

Master's programs (M.A. and M.Ed.)

M.A. in Higher Education Administration

 M.Ed. Curriculum and Learning: 

M.Ed. Educational Leadership

M.Ed. Literacy

M.Ed. Professional Counseling

 M.Ed. Special Education

Graduate Certificate Programs 
        (curriculum leading to additional licenses for certified teachers)

Application for Certification

  • Applications are available online.  Please see our New Jersey Licensure and Praxis Information Page. 
  • Completed applications are to be returned to the Office of Certification during the final semester in program.
  • Submission deadlines are as follows: Fall - October 1st; Spring - March 1st; Summer - June 1st.
  • All initial licensure applications must be notarized prior to submitting to the Office.
  • If your certification area requires a Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) exam, please submit your application regardless of your achievement on the examination
  • The State will not issue a license to teach without completing a teacher education program, passing the necessary Praxis Subject Assessment (formerly Praxis II) exam(s) (if required for your area), a bachelor's degree and a major appropriate to the area of certification


  • If you are completing a WPUNJ master's degree, do not forget to apply for graduation on WPConnect.
  • Submission deadlines are as follows: January graduation - September 1; May graduation - December 1; August graduation - June 1
  • If your program has a comprehensive requirement please complete the Application for Comprehensive Requirement by  October 1st for the Fall or March 1st for the Spring

Funding and Support Initiatives