What PRAXIS tests do I need to become a teacher?

Basic Skills: Beginning a teacher preparation program requires qualifying scores in a test of basic skills (reading, writing and math).  That includes use of PRAXIS CORE, ACT, or SAT (or a combination of these). 

Subject Assessment: The NJ Department of Education requires a different exam, PRAXIS Subject Assessment to test content knowledge of the subjects you wish to teach.  This test is required to begin Clinical Practice I (CPI).

How Do I Prepare for a PRAXIS Exam?


  • Workshops  Workshops and bootcamps are available for free for WP students.  
  • Lending Library Borrow a study guide from the David and Lorraine Cheng Library or from the College of Education.
  • Praxis LibGuide Resources  Librarian Neil Grimes shares numerous resources with you to help you prepare for the tests.