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Application Process and Due Date:

Applications for licensure are due to the Office of Education Enrollment & Certification on or before:

  • Fall Completers:  October 1
  • Spring Completers:  March 1
  • Summer Completers:  June 1

A completed licensure application contains:

  • notarized application (both pages must be notorized)
  • A check or money order made out to William Paterson University of New Jersey with your WPUNJ ID number and phone number on it
  • copy of your praxis scores  (preferably all four pages) so that a letter of completion can be issued to you upon successful completion of student teaching and degree posting

Completed applications can be submitted in person to the Office of Certification located in V4112 or via mail: 

The Office of Education Enrollment & Certification

William Paterson University of NJ

1600 Valley Road, V4112

 Wayne, NJ  07470



$95.00 Fee

  • Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant
  • School Counselor
  • Supervisor
  • School Nurse

 $115.00 Fee

  • Communication Disorders

$170.00 Fee
($95.00 if applicant holds a standard license)◊

  • Associate School Library Media Specialist 
  • Educational School Library Media Specialist (CEAS unless one holds a standard Associate School Library Media Endorsement)
  • Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • Driver’s Education (always $170.00)
  • Bilingual/Bicultural Education
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Reading Specialist



$190.00 Fee

  • Elementary Education Teacher K-6
  • Early Childhood P-3
  • Teacher of Art
  • Teacher of Biological Science
  • Teacher of English
  • Teacher of French
  • Teacher of Heath & Physical Education
  • Teacher of Mathematics
  • Teacher of Music
  • Teacher of Physical Education
  • Teacher of Physical Science
  • Teacher of Social Studies
  • Teacher of Spanish
  • Teacher of Chinese
  • Teacher of Japanese
  • Teacher of Chemistry
  • Teacher of Earth Science
  • Principal
  • Middle School Subject

If you hold a Provisional TSD, Bilingual or ESL license, do not use the WPUNJ Licensure Application.  Contact the Office of Education Enrollment and Certification for further instructions.


Many WPUNJ students choose education majors and additional endorsements.  Pursuing majors with additional endorsements allows one to be recommended for several licensure areas.  Note that each licensure area has an associated state fee.  Examples are:

  • Teacher of Elementary Education (K-6) and Teacher of Students with Disabilities ($190 + $170 = $360.00)
  • Teacher of Biology and ESL ($190 + $170 = $360.00)
  • Teacher of Elementary Education (K-6) and teacher of Preschool through Grade 3 ($190.00 + $190.00 = $380.00)
  • Elementary Education (K-6) with specialization in Middle School (5-8 subject area) and Teacher of Bilingual Education Endorsement (190 + 190 + 170= $550.00)


If you believe you have fulfilled requirements for an additional license that is outside the specific education major and concentration you pursued, you are responsible for applying directly through the New Jersey Department of Education using the TCIS on-line application at: .  It is suggested that you wait until your first license is issued by the NJDOE prior to applying for additional endorsements.  Contact the Office of Education Enrollment and Certification with questions.