Slide Collection

There are approximately 60,000 slides of works of visual arts in all media made by all human cultures.

Circulation Policy: Users are the Art Department Historians and Studio Faculty. New faculty will receive an orientation to the facility and may then use the collection for their research and borrowing. We request that you return your slides within 24 hours so that they will be available for others. Faculty should use their assigned back-up card when they remove slides from the collection. Please be courteous and always use your assigned back-up card.


Image Requests

Faculty and graduate students may request digital files to be added to the digital image database collection. To do so, make arrangemeents with the VR Curator. This process on average takes 6-8 weeks. Please plan accordingly. The Image Request Form should be downloaded by navigating to the Forms menu bar.


About ARTstor

ARTstor - is a Full-content digital collection of thousands of art images from several art repositories. Please note that Internet Explorer 6+ or Netscape 7+ are required to use this database. From the opening screen, jjust select the link to “Search and Browse FOR IMAGES.”

ARTstor: Professor Instruction: How to get started using digital presentations with ARTstor. Follow the below instructions to register.

Instructors must first register with ARTstor via the Cheng Library Database on the web because we license this image database. Once registered faculty only will have access to high-resolution digital files in which you can zoom in on detail for class lectures.

Once registered, you will use the ARTstor proprietary software Online Image Viewer (OIV) to create your presentation lectures. This feature is superior to PowerPoint presentations, in that you can zoom in and out on a work details.

OIV has been installed on the campus multi-media classroom hard-drive. This will allow you to open your saved presentation and deliver it in these “smart classrooms” OIV has also been installed on your WPU office computer. No install necessary by you. If you are a Department of Art faculty member and you do not have OIV installed on your office computer, please contact Chris Weber x3288 to install it for you.

**For those of you that wish to create presentations from home, follow the OIV installation instructions in the link below after you have registered.**

How to Register for ARTstor