Internship Program


The Department of Art internship program is designed to provide educational experiences for academically qualified upper-level students working under the supervision of a professional. They must report regularly to their assignments, and must conform to the standards of the university and the internship firm.

The student will submit a mid-term check in paper as well as a well-written, comprehensive paper detailing what he/she did during the internship assignment at the conclusion of the semester. Supervisors will also be asked to submit an evaluation.

Internship forms should be filled out and submitted before the beginning of the semester that the internship will be completed. Forms should be returned to the Department of Art by fax at 973-720-3805 or by mail to Professor Lauren Razzore, Chair, Department of Art, Power Art Center, William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ 07470 or by email to using the online PDF version below.