Global Business & Finance Institute


Gbfi is committed to achieving student success by offering experiential learning opportunities in financial services which supplement existing academic programs.  Program are delivered by Gbfi staff, WPU professors and members of the business community and encompass individual workshops, international training programs and certificate programs. With the support from the Financial Center, the university's state-of-the-art simulated trading floor, students are given a unique opportunity to learn using industry standard software and data feeds.

  • Credit Analyst Training Program - The course will provide a rigorous and hands-on exposure to the world of commercial credit as practiced in commercial banking.  This will involve both a macro overview of the issue of bank credit and a hands-on learning of how to analyze, evaluate and understand a borrower’s (commercial) credit needs and how the bank could meet those needs. 
  • Executive Lecture Series - Gbfi invites distinguished speakers from industry, government organizations and academia to provide insights into relevant issues. 
  • Student Investment Club - Learn to manage real money and gain experience with portfolio techniques.
  • International Training Programs - Gbfi has developed a comprehensive set of training programs for college students and business practitioners. Training programs have included the Hands-On Finance Series, Student Affairs Training, the Global Forum and others.
  • Financial Lab Training - Gbfi staff offers both workshops and individual training on software housed on the university trading floor. Areas of training include Excel, Bloomberg Professional, Thomson Datastream, Morningstar, and other platforms. 

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Learn about the financial markets through the Bloomberg Market Concepts program. Contact a GBFI Representative for more information.

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