When can I use the lab?

William Paterson University students are permitted to use the lab during normal operating hours when no classes are in session. The room will be closed when classes are in session. For a schedule of class please see our calendar

What do I need to access the lab computers?

Students can login to the lab terminals using their WPU username and password only.

Can I take the Bloomberg certifications?

You can watch the video tutorials and take the Bloomberg certification exam from the Bloomberg terminals in the lab only.  Technology Consultants (TC) are available to assist students with basic questions and Bloomberg certification.  For more information regarding the BESS or BMC, please see a Gbfi TC. 

Can I reserve the room for group projects?

Only professors who need the room for their classes are able to reserve the room.

What other resources are available to students?

For a full list of our software, please click here.

Do you offer training on lab software?

Gbfi periodically offers PE events on Morningstar, Excel and other software. When available, these will be added to the College’s PE schedule and posted through University Announcements.

How do I apply to work at GBFI?

Full-time students can apply to the TC program offered from the IRT department. If you are interested in working at the Financial Center please email gbfi@wpunj.edu.

Is the lab open to the public?

Unfortunately, the resources in the lab are only accessible to WPU students and alumni.