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Pesce Family Mentoring Institute

“Professionals Preparing Students for their Careers”

97% of Pesce Mentees from the class of 2020 indicated that they are working or are going to graduate school compared to 71% of WP graduates not involved in the mentoring program.

The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute at William Paterson University helps prepare students for their careers or graduate education by individually matching them with a mentor who can offer them career advice and guidance. 

 Mentors are successful professionals, including alumni and community partners who share their experiences and valuable life lessons with their mentees.  A Mentee is a student who is ready to plan for his or her future and would benefit from the wisdom of a mentor.  Mentors and Mentees work together to establish and meet the goals they set. 

Mentor/Mentee Testimonials:

"It's excellent to have someone to go to and share my ideas with. My mentor makes me want to travel, move and shake and see the world. I now know the importance of broadening and expanding my network."

- Bria, WP student on her experience with a Pesce Family Mentoring Institute mentor

"It's been terrific working with young people who want to learn about what's going on in the world. I really like giving back."

- John, Pesce Family Mentoring Institute mentor on his experience working with a WP student

“Things with my mentor are going great! I have met with her consistently and I will be shadowing her at her practice this week! I am really excited. She is incredibly knowledgeable and is such an eager mentor. She has taught me so much - everything from the medical school application process, to how medical school really is, the different specialties/fields, and how private practice works, I can't thank you and the Institute enough for providing me this wonderful opportunity.”

- Jessica, WP student on her experience with a Pesce Family Mentoring Institute mentor

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The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute
William J. Pesce ’73, his wife, Henrietta M. Pesce ’72, MA ’75, and their children, Michael and Katie