Lauren Agnew, mentor – Helped her mentee get a marketing internship.

Lizbeth Alberto.jpg

Lizbeth Alberto, mentee – Thanks to my mentor and this program, I will be able to enter a summer internship and be in a better position for full-time employment.

marlene amoruso.jpg

Marlene Amoruso, mentor – She helped her mentee secure a volunteer spot at her hospital.


Bill Baretz, mentor – My mentee landed a full-time position with a commercial real estate firm as a sales trainee. I helped him interview, negotiate and assisted in his job search.

ellen Levine.jpg

Ellen Levine, mentor – She offered her mentee a summer job helping with social media.

Mohsin Khan.jpg

Mohsin Khan, mentor – He offered his mentee a position as a part-time pharmacy technician at Walgreens.

Glenn Nunez, mentor – Helped his mentee get a job at Valley National Bank part-time for now, full-time for summer and hopefully will continue.

Gary Nazare.jpg

Gary Nazare, mentor – Was able to get his mentee a job at Bank of NY Mellon and offered his 2nd mentee a job with him doing social media.

Donna Shaw.jpg

Donna Shaw, mentor – I established a lifelong relationship with my mentee who is now working at my company, Ernst & Young.

Edwina Sena.jpg

Edwin Sena, mentee – My mentor gave me the tips and knowledge necessary to ace my job interview and receive an offer.

tom savoie.jpg

Thomas Savoie, mentee – He started as part-time in his mentor’s office, then became full-time.