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Why Become a Mentee

“I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to be a mentee! And I feel even more honored to have been matched with an awesome mentor. It’s encouraging to have someone in your corner that is successful and knowledgeable. My mentor has walked me through the steps of success, given me advice about classes, and helped me be a more rounded professional. I strongly encourage students to become mentees in the Pesce Family Mentoring Institute at WPU . Having a mentor who is an email, text or call away when you have professional or career questions is a great confidence booster and good networking tool. It is definitely worthwhile to have the ability to chat with a knowledgeable professional about your goals and career path.” - Rosanna I Perez. ‘17

The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute will provide a number of exciting opportunities for students (mentees):

  • Be matched with a mentor who works in a field of your interest or related to your undergraduate academic major.
  • Provide you with professional and social networking opportunities.
  • Help you develop skills that will assist you in your job search or in applying for graduate school.
  • Provide resources that will help you with career decision making.
  • Provide guidance in helping you make the transition from university to the workforce.
  • Develop a relationship with a person who can be a role model and sounding board for you.


Coordinator, Pesce Family Mentoring Institute


PHONE: 973-720-2385