Why Become a Mentee

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“Through Jeff's years of experience, talent and knowledge in the field of business, I have gained the required skills and knowledge needed to excel at my career. Jeff has given me the time to shadow him at his daily duties and together we were able to build my resume into what it is now.  Jeff has been a great mentor/teacher and I am forever grateful to him. “ -Jawad Shuvo, mentee 

The Pesce Family Mentoring Institute will provide a number of exciting opportunities for students (mentees):

  • Be matched with a mentor who can guide you toward your future career. 
  • Provide you with professional and social networking opportunities.
  • Help you develop skills that will assist you in your job search or in applying for graduate school.
  • Provide resources that will help you with career decision making.
  • Provide guidance in helping you make the transition from university to the workforce.
  • Develop a relationship with a person who can be a role model and sounding board for you.