National Guard Waiver

Tuition Waivers
Pursuant to NJSA 18A:62-24, any member of the New Jersey National Guard shall be permitted to attend regularly scheduled courses at any public institution of higher education in this State enumerated in N.J.S.18A:62-1 and receive up to 16 credits per semester.

Members of the National Guard have to meet certain qualifications to participate in the program:
(1) the member has completed Initial Active Duty Training and be in good standing as a an active member of the New Jersey National Guard;
(2) the member has been accepted to pursue a course of undergraduate or graduate study and is enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student at William Paterson University and is in good standing; and
(3) the member has applied for all available State student grants and scholarships and all available federal student grants and scholarships for which the member is eligible. The waiver will be reduced by any grant or scholarship awards.

If all of the above qualifications are satisfied, the member must complete and submit a Veteran Enrollment Certification Request form which can be obtained from Registration Services, located in Morrison Hall, Lower Level. The form and a copy of the National Guard Commander's Certification must be submitted to Registration Services prior to the start of each semester. All fees must be paid by the payment due date unless financial aid is applicable or enrolled in the Tuition Installment Plan (TIP).  Registration Services reserves the right to refuse to accept Veteran Enrollment Certification Request forms after the start of the semester.