Desk Assistants

What is a Desk Assistant?

Desk Assistants are students employed by the Department of Residence Life to be the face of each of our residence halls by working the desks at the front of every hall.  Desk Assistants work during a schedule that runs from 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily, and their main responsibilities are to monitor the main entrance, lobbies, and other public areas in their building, as well as to check the identification of everyone who enters the residence hall. Furthermore, Desk Assistants provide general assistance to students, parents, and guests who enter the building, and also assist in emergency situations if/when they arise.  The Desk Assistant reports directly to the Resident Director of the building in which they are employed, and together they are responsible to the Department of Residence Life.

Who can be a DA at WPU?

Before becoming a DA at William Paterson University, several qualifications need to be met. DAs need to be/have:

  • A student at William Paterson University;
  • A current cumulative GPA or 2.5; 
  • Available to work at least 12 hours a week and at least 4 hours on the weekends;
  • Available to work on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays), and;
  • Free of any type of discipline record.


What are the benefits of being a DA?

Since Desk Assistants are the first face students, parents, and guests see when they enter the residence halls, DAs have the ability to meet and build relationships with a large number of people, a majority of them being their peers at William Paterson.  Desk Assistants also develop administrative, management, customer service, problem-solving, and assertiveness skills which will benefit them both during their time at William Paterson University and beyond.

Furthermore, are Desk Assistants are paid $9.00 an hour, with a maximum of 25 hours per week available to work for each DA.

Sounds great! How do I apply?

The Desk Assistant Selection process usually begins in March for the following Fall semester.  However, in some circumstances, DA applications are released during the fall semester on an as-needed basis.  In both cases, information would be posted throughout the residence halls and via the campus announcement system.

Any questions, please contact our office at 973-720-2714.