Verification of Student Identity

The process for verification of student identification is managed by the Office of the Registrar with support from Information Technology.  When a new student is added to the student data system, a unique ID number , network logon ID and email account are created within our student information system and directory/email systems.  If the student is already an employee or a previous student, new information is not created but associated with the existing/prior ID and account.  The student is notified of this information in the application acknowledgement delivered upon receipt of their application.  We recommend that students change their password immediately upon receipt of their account, and university rules on password complexity ensure that new passwords are complex.

Students maintain their ID number, network logon ID and email account unless there is a security breach of their account.  If, after researching the issue, it is confirmed that an account has been compromised, the Registrar's Office will work with Information Technology to implement enhanced security settings on the account.  If absolutely required (though rarely needed,) a new ID number is assigned.