Journal Entries

Information on this page applies to journal entries for the reclassification of transactions that have already been posted in Banner, but have been posted to an unintended FOAP or a clearing FOAP that subsequently needs distribution or reallocation. It also applies to salary overtime chargebacks, however it does not apply to salary reallocations*, grant fund journal entries** or requests to transfer funds or budget***. 

Journal entry requests are submitted to the Office of the Controller for posting into Banner Finance. Requests must include:

  • Explanation of why the journal entry is needed.
  • FOAPs for both sides of the entry.
  • Approvals for both sets of FOAPs by persons authorized to approve for such FOAPs.
  • If you are reclassifying the FOAP to which an invoice was charged, include the Banner invoice number, vendor name, and the full original amount of the invoice as well as the intended amount to be reclassified (this is important as sometimes invoices are split and charged to multiple FOAPS). 
  • The request may include a completed JE Template (recommended for JEs with high volume of lines or frequently recurring JEs).

For instructions on how to use the JE Template send an email to or contact a member of the General Accounting team (contact info is located on the home page of this website).

Journal Entry requests should be forwarded to: 


Overview of Process Flow: Journal Entries

 Process Flow-Journal Entries-2


 *Requests for salary reallocations should be sent to:


**Journal entry requests for grant transactions, including salary reallocations to or from grant funds, should be directed to Tamar Lamour, Associate Director of Post-Award Grants Administration, 


 ***Requests to transfer funds or budget amounts should be directed to: Alene Ortiz, Budget Analyst,