Grants Administration

Post-award grants accounting, financial reporting and compliance is managed within the Office of the Controller. 

For assistance with post-award grants administration, contact:  Tamar Lamour, Associate Director for Post Award Grants Administration, at: or 973-720-2533.

Effort Certification

Effort certification must be done monthly for all grants to which salary is charged or committed. Certification is done online, and must be completed within 15 days after the end of each month.

The University complies with Uniform Guidance requirements for effort certification. All personnel who are committed to work on grants as per the grant agreement and/or the grant budget must be certified after each month that the work has been performed (or if not, initiate a salary reallocation so that the grant financial reports reflect actual work done on the grant). Certification is done monthly, and includes both full time and part time employees as well as cost share portions.

Procedure Manual for Certifying Effort

Effort Certification Policy

Monthly Grant Budget Reports

Monthly grant finance reports are delivered to Principal Investigators (PIs) each month by the Associate Director for Post Awards Grants Administration. The reports show each grant's budget, the inception-to-date expenditures, and available balance of the grant to be spent. These reports can also be accessed any time by the PI or or an authorized grant administrator.

How to Access a Grant Expenditure Report (Inception-to-Date)

How to Access a Grant Expenditure Report (Budget Query)

Cost Reallocations

Cost Reallocation Policy

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