Technology Assistants

Technology Assistants provide technology help and support to the campus community. TA’s are expected to direct the William Paterson community toward resources, resolve various technical issues, maintaining campus labs, and assist in projects while meeting high standards of customer service. It is a part-time, 20 hours per week position available to currently enrolled William Paterson University students. Any major can apply.

To apply to be a Technical Assistant, please apply on our Hiretouch Application, then complete our Qualtrics Application

Note: as a part of the application process, you need to make sure to complete both the HireTouch Application and the Qualtrics Application. The HireTouch Application will require you submit your biographical information and a resume. The Qualtrics Application is a series of short answer questions to determine your eligibility for this position. Both will take approximately 30 minute to complete. 

The Technology Assistant (TA) position was created over 25 years ago to help staff our computers labs and train faculty, students, and staff on basic computer functions. Today, the program continues to be a vital part of our technology systems at William Paterson University. Students who are selected to be part of the Technology Assistants staff gain valuable real-life experience and skills while working for the WPU Help Desk. Alumni from the TA Program have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies, government offices, and the Department of Defense.

Team Photo 2021

During the pandemic of 2020, the team swiftly reacted by working 100% remotely and assisting faculty and staff with zoom issues, accounts problems, and adjustments to working from home. The team answered Help Desk calls from their own homes while simultaneously completing online coursework.

Today the program provides a mixture of in-person and remote support. When a call is made to the Help Desk, a TA is often the first response. Our TA’s solve all Tier 1 and Tier 0 calls to the Help Desk, often resolving issues before a ticket is even entered. Our TA’s offer remote support via Zoom or Teams, and if that doesn’t resolve the issue remotely, an in-person appointment can be made at one of our several walk-in locations. Our TA’s work diligently to resolve a variety of accounts, login, email, hardware, and software support calls.

Our team is a dynamic and diverse group of current William Paterson students who come from a variety of majors and disciplines. We are proud to have hired several veterans in our program, and we have also worked with the Continuing Professional Education group to provide job shadowing for a Wayne Hills high school student.