Understanding Your Paycheck

Your paycheck, also called a pay statement, is an important document containing detailed information. 

The following definitions may help you navigate your pay statement:

  • Gross pay (or current gross) refers to the total earnings you receive in a pay period before deductions are taken (withheld)
  • Net pay (take home pay) refers to the amount of pay you "take home" after deductions are taken
  • Deductions refer to amounts taken from your gross pay, and can be either voluntary or involuntary:
    • Voluntary deductions refer to amounts you have elected to subtract from your gross pay. Examples include health and dental benefit deductions, pioneer express, and more
    • Involuntary deductions refer to mandatory deductions that the Payroll Office must withhold from your gross pay. Examples include Federal and State income tax, and FICA and Medicare taxes

We encourage you to explore the following links to understand when and how you are paid, how to enroll in direct deposit, and learn more about voluntary and involuntary deductions. In addition, click on the "Paycheck Information" link below to take a tour of your pay statement.

Congratulations on your new position! In order to expedite the new hire payroll process, please complete the below steps in order.

Please note that you may not begin working until all steps are completed. 

Step 1:

Complete and return the below forms via email to your hiring manager or department designee.


a. Personal Information Form

b. Work-Related Injury Form 

* Based on your position, there may be additional items required.

Step 2: Form I-9 (must be completed before moving to Step 3)

Please check your email for a message from notifications@empforce.com to complete the I-9 form electronically. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.  

  • Please note the I-9 form must be completed within 3 days of your hire date, failure to do so will delay your employment start date. 
  • Please be prepared to upload your identification to complete the online I9 process. Click here for instructions to upload your identification documents.
  • Click here for the list of Acceptable Documents required to complete the I9.
  • In addition, as required by law you must also bring the original documentation to the hiring manager or their department designee for verification. 

 Step 3: (only after both Section 1 and Section 2 of the Form I-9 are completed)

When all sections of the I-9 Form are complete, you will be granted access to the Employee Tab in WPconnect. This access allows you to complete the Direct Deposit and Federal / State Tax Forms (W4). You will receive a WPconnect notification when your access has been granted. Once you receive this notification, please complete the Federal and State Tax and Direct Deposit forms as soon as possible.

If you do not submit a Federal or State Tax form deductions will be withheld from your pay check based on IRS and State regulation. 

Enrollment in Direct Deposit is required for most NJ State employees, under the provisions of P.L. 2013 c.28.

Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing direct deposit:

  • The Service is free to all employees.
  • You can access the direct deposit remittance stub from your device the day before the check is deposited.
  • No waiting on line at the bank - get cash by going to the bank at off peak hours or use an ATM
  • Avoid having to wait for the check to clear - it’s deposited as cash
  • Split the deposit of your check in up to 4 different accounts
  • On vacation or home sick?- no problem your money will be in the bank even though your not at work

If you still haven't signed up for direct deposit, its easy! Click here to enroll in direct deposit through your Employee Dashboard. We will do the rest. Instructions can be found here.

Deadline to submit Direct Deposit Forms:

Newly hired employees will receive a WP Connect notification when they are able to access the Employee Dashboard. As soon as you receive the WP Connect notification, please enroll in direct deposit as soon as possible.

Direct deposit information must be submitted by Tuesday of pay week (i.e. if pay day is Friday, update your direct deposit information by midnight on Tuesday). Any direct deposit changes received after this date will take effect the following pay period. 

Employee Dashboard

  • View and print your current and prior pay stubs
  • View and update your Federal Income tax withholding (W-4 Form)
  • Review and update your direct deposit information
  • See your paycheck deduction history
  • Review your leave balances
  • View and print your year-end tax forms
  • See your Job Summary
  • Explore your Employee Summary

WP Connect

  • Update your mailing and/or email address(es), phone number(s) and emergency contact information
  • Request Income and Employment Verifications
  • View your Vision Care Reimbursement history
  • WP Emergency Notification Service
  • Use the My Document Upload portal to upload confidential documentation (where applicable)
  • Find the following payroll deduction forms:
    • Pioneer Express and Parking Garage
    • WPUNJ Foundation Employee Gift Giving
    • Employee Tuition Waiver