Student Services

Summer Academic Institute

This is our five-weeks residential program required for all incoming first-time freshmen. Our goal program is to prepare our first-time freshmen students for the realities and personal requirements of the college experience. Students earn degree credits (if not enrolled in developmental courses), strengthen their academic skills, and become prepared for life as a successful WPUNJ student. Students participate in academic and enrichment workshops which facilitates student’s transition to college including their participation in the Pioneer Leadership Institute.

Courses Offerings:

  • Developmental Courses
    • College Reading
    • Basic Mathematics with Algebra
  • College Level Courses
    • College Writing
    • Power, Justice & Freedom
    • Gendered Lives & Societies
  • Additional Courses
    • Preparing for Success

Individual and Group Counseling

Each student is assigned to an EOF counselor who provides academic, personal, financial, and social counseling.  Students receive individual and group counseling.  The counseling staff also prepares and presents various workshops to facilitate students' transition to college.

EOF Grant Assistance

Eligible EOF students receive financial assistance through a New Jersey State grant each semester, provided they continue to meet criteria for successful academic progress.  In order for students to receive the grant they must be income eligible and registered full-time students (minimum of 12 credits).


The EOF program provides referrals for tutorial assistance in Basic Skills coursework, General Education subjects, as well as in major courses. The EOF program also works with the Academic Support Center, the Science Enrichment Center, and peer tutors.

Book Deferment and Book Loan Programs

EOF offers its students assistance in acquiring books. Students are either eligible to participate in a book deferment program or the EOF library’s book loan program.  The book deferment program allows students with a credit in their University account to utilize that credit at the University Bookstore for the purchase of books. Students with an account balance are eligible to utilize the book loan program and borrow the books from the EOF library for the semester.

Book Loan:

Academic Retreats and Workshops

The EOF program sponsors various retreats for first-years, sophomores, juniors and seniors.  Each retreat focuses on class specific needs and responsibilities.  A few topics include acclimation, academic success and study skills, personal development, career planning, and graduate school admissions.

EOF Academic Coaching

The EOF Academic Coaching program is designed to support students on academic recovery, identify his/her study strengths and needs. Academic coaches help students to develop study skills and identify resources both on and off-campus. Coaches provide students with semester-long academic support in areas such as time management, procrastination, test preparation, and note taking and reading strategies. They work individually with students, assess their strengths and needs, and devise a personalized plan of action. Academic Coaches are graduate students, working professionals who are often EOF alum, as well as current EOF undergraduate Seniors.