EOF stands for the Educational Opportunity Fund.  It is a state-funded program offering academic, financial and counseling services to students who meet the selective criteria set forth by the NJ Commission on Higher Education.  EOF supports a wide array of campus based outreach and support services at 28 public colleges and universities.


Prospective students must complete a WPUNJ undergraduate admissions application and an EOF application as well as submit copies of income documentation (i.e. copy of federal income tax return, Social Security/Disability benefit statement, TANF,)  Students must also submit a high school transcript and most recent report card (marking period one). Applicants who do not submit all documents requested will be notified and placed on hold/incomplete status.

First time freshmen in previous cohorts have an average cumulative GPA of 2.5. Applicants must also be NJ residents for 12 consecutive months. In some cases, students may be invited to interview for further consideration.

No. You do not need to complete another EOF application, but you must file a FAFSA renewal annually to continue to receive EOF and other financial aid.

EOF is not an entitlement program and there are requirements that must be met if you are to be accepted.  The interview helps us to determine whether you meet state income requirements and also assists us in determining your motivation and potential to succeed in college.  We can only do that through a face-to-face meeting.

No. The EOF grant is a state grant which supplements your total financial aid package.

No. The award is a grant and not a loan and therefore no repayment is required.

Yes.  The EOF grant is a form of financial aid.  Your eligibility for this grant and other aid is determined on the income information you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Many students who receive an EOF grant also receive the Federal Pell Grant and state Tuition Aid Grant (TAG).

Book deferments are awarded to students who, upon review of their total financial package, possess a credit balance on their student account. Book deferments could be used to purchase books and supplies only.  The EOF Office will determine whether or not you will be able to charge the cost of books against your financial aid award.  Students must complete the book deferment form online to determine eligibility.  In addition, the EOF office assists students through the book loan program.  Students not eligible for a book deferment may complete the book loan application via the web.  The book loan coordinator reviews the application and provides books from the book loan library and/or purchases books through our book loan grant.


Yes. The six week residential program is a requisite of your acceptance to the EOF Program.  All students must reside during the summer experience.  Students remain on campus from Sunday evening through Thursday evening.  Students may earn a maximum of 6 credits which includes developmental courses in reading and mathematics, ENG 1100-College Writing,  POL 1150 Power, Justice & Freedom, and Preparing for Success.  The summer program is an excellent opportunity to acclimate to the university, earn credits and establish a support network.

The EOF Program offers an array of student and academic services. Services include academic advisement, academic planning and major selection, career development, interest inventories, personal development and leadership workshops, and community building initiatives.

You must meet with your assigned counselor as determined by the program, attend required workshops and/or seminars each semester and maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA.  You must maintain full-time status, comply with academic mandates and attend tutoring sessions if so advised.

No.  Eligible students must maintain full-time status (minimum of 12 credits) in order to be awarded an EOF grant at William Paterson University. 


EOF transfer and readmit students must first be admitted into the university by the Office of Admissions. Once accepted student must submit a complete EOF application, supporting income documentation, and completed EOF sector transfer form from their last institution. For additional information please contact us at EOFTransfer@wpunj.edu

Yes. Grant funding is extremely limited.  Priority is given to matriculated students who have been previous EOF grant recipients.  Under limited circumstances, if funding is available, a graduate grant may be issued.  Financial documentation must be submitted to demonstrate need and historical poverty as outlined in the state guidelines.

During the summer program, all students are registered in a first year seminar workshop (Preparing for Success).  Your assigned EOF counselor teaches the course. The counseling assignment will remain the same until graduation.  Pre-nursing students will be assigned to the EOF pre-nursing coordinator.  Transfer students are assigned to the EOF admissions coordinator.  EOF readmits will remain with the original counseling assignment.  In the event that the original assignment cannot be kept, the student will be assigned to the EOF admissions coordinator.