Our Programs

Undergraduate programs:

  • BA in Mathematics
  • BS in Actuarial Science
  • BS in Mathematics
  • Minor in Mathematics
  • Minor in Physics
  • Minor in Statistics

Graduate programs:

  • MS in Applied Mathematics

The bachelor of arts in mathematics will prepare a student well for a career in data analysis, actuary, or mathematics education. Any science, technology, or engineering career makes full use of a strong mathematics foundation. The bachelor of science in mathematics is well suited for engineering-related careers and for pursuing graduate school in mathematics. A minor in mathematics lays a strong foundation for those who wish to pursue higher education in the sciences or in business. A minor in statistics is advantageous to biostatistics, quality control, operations research, economic forecasting, marketing analysis and related professions.

Physics faculty conduct experimental and theoretical research, primarily in the fields of atomic, molecular, plasma, nuclear physics, and condensed matter. STEM students are strongly encouraged to participate in faculty-supervised research projects.  The research projects and the minor in physics will train you with excellent problem-solving skills that will in turn prepare you for success in graduate or professional schools and in STEM related careers.