Mathematics Learning Center

About the Mathematics Learning Center (MLC): 

The MLC is a free mathematics tutoring center for WPU students enrolled in any mathematics class up to Calculus II. The MLC is very flexible to meet each student’s needs and does not require appointments. Students can walk-in to the tutoring center at any time either by themselves or as part of a study group.  During its operational hours, a badged tutor is available to help students with signing-in and assisting with mathematical needs.

 What can a student expect?

  • Mathematics tutoring is based on scaffolded learning
    • tutors help students by first recalling the concepts needed for solving the problem
    • then they explain extracting relevant information from the problem
    • next is applying the concept to solve the problem at hand
    • and lastly analyzing the solution obtained in the context of the problem. 
      Thus, tutors help students by breaking down a problem into smaller pieces, providing structure and relevant tools. 
  • Tutors can review a quiz or exam to help students understand their errors or deepen their understanding with individualized instructions. 
  • Tutors can help students prepare formula sheets for elementary mathematics topics such as laws of exponents, quadratic formula, and graph transformations, and show them how to use their notes when doing homework or studying for an exam. 


Impact of CoVid-19: 

In March 2020, the MLC moved online to OMLC where tutoring was provided through discussion forums on Blackboard. Various discussion forums are created for different math levels. Students post their questions on the discussion forum and are helped by a tutor. Tutors can also use Bb collaborate or Zoom to teach the student one-on-one. The current MLC is equipped with a webcam to support the hybrid learning model. But it is anticipated that most of the help will be provided via OMLC in Fall 2020, with only limited hours in-person. 


Dr. J. Champanerkar (Director, MLC)
Rohrer, Maximilian (Head Tutor)
Ajami, Caroline
Asare-Bediako, Kwasi
Basile, Artemis
Sand, Anna
Trigoura, Joshua
Vranesevic, Dragana


Log into Blackboard and then go to My Organization > Online Mathematics Learning Center > Discussion Forums

Fall 2020 
Discussion Forums are attended
  • Mondays - Thursdays 10am to 8pm
  • Fridays 10am-2pm

No appointments necessary