Non-traditional Careers

Minimum Education Requirements Symbol
Bachelor's Degree BSDegree
Master's Degree/Clinical Degree MSDegree
Ph. D.  PhDDegree
Additional Requirements Symbol
Healthcare Experience HealthcareIcon
Research Experience ResearchExperience
Publications Publications
Field Experience Field Experience

Science Editor

Sciences editors must maintain a relationship with researchers, attend scientific conferences, evaluate submitted research papers, find proper rewire for documents, do editing the articles.

Education: BSDegree


An attorney for a biological company will serve as guidance to make sure a company is complying with all procedures. They make sure regulations are followed, monitored, and identify what rules will apply to the company. They also work with companies to make public statements that are sound and consistent. They may also work to propose and implement changes to biological regulations.

Education: BSDegree MSDegree

Science Writer

Science writers usually write articles for scientific or engineering journals, magazines, and newspapers. Sometimes for public magazines. Some work on television or radio platforms.

Education: BSDegree Experience: Publications

Forensic Scientist

Forensic scientist works with law enforcement to analyze and test evidence that was present at a crime scene, etc. They work to determine significance and any findings that may be crucial to the understanding of the evidence or crime scene. This is a critical element of the criminal justice system.

Education: BSDegree

Medical Illustrator

The Medical Illustrator is able to create models of medical subjects for training, research, and consultations. The Medical Illustrator can work manually or digitally to best present their illustrations.

Education: BSDegree