Minimum Education Requirements Symbol
Bachelor's Degree BSDegree
Master's Degree/Clinical Degree MSDegree
Ph. D.  PhDDegree
Additional Requirements Symbol
Healthcare Experience HealthcareIcon
Research Experience ResearchExperience
Publications Publications
Field Experience Field Experience

Professor/Academic Ph.D.

A professor is an instructor at a college or university giving lectures and typically performing research and writing publications in their area of expertise. 

Education: BSDegree PhDDegree Experience: ResearchExperience Publications

Science Educator

A science educator provides instruction and guidance to help students explore and understand essential conceptions of science, they teach how students problem-solve and how to gather evidence to support ideas or hypotheses. They create lesson exams and assignments.

Education: BSDegree MSDegree

Cooperative Extension Agent

The extension agent's job is to give knowledge and information to farmers to understand and plan for improvement and communicate that knowledge to other farmers.

Education: BSDegree MSDegree

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