Biotechnology Careers

Minimum Education Requirements Symbol
Bachelor's Degree BSDegree
Master's Degree/Clinical Degree MSDegree
Ph. D.  PhDDegree
Additional Requirements Symbol
Healthcare Experience HealthcareIcon
Research Experience ResearchExperience
Publications Publications
Field Experience Field Experience

Biological Technician

Assist biological and medical scientists to conduct laboratory tests and experiments. Biological technicians mainly work in laboratories. Responsibilities include developing, manufacturing, and studying pharmaceutical and medical preparations, monitor experiments, test data for evaluation by research specialists, evaluating experimental data, providing technical services, and preparing reports from test results. Biological technicians work in a variety of fields including agriculture, biology, resource management, health science, and environmental science.

Education: BSDegree

Research Scientists

Research scientists conduct laboratory-based experiments and clinical trials, and work in a variety of fields including medicine, biology, chemistry, and environmental science. Research scientists work to plan and conduct experiments, write research papers and reports, collect samples and other types of fieldwork, monitor, record, and analyze data, and supervise junior staff including technicians. Research scientists work in almost any scientific field and is focused on expanding scientific knowledge and research and development.

Education: BSDegree


Conduct research on various microorganisms and microbiological activities to understand how they affect our lives. Responsibilities and duties include developing and documenting various microbiology laboratory processes, maintaining knowledge on various research methods, and laboratory analysis and monitoring of microbial cultures. Microbiologist also help develop new pharmaceutical products, vaccines, medicines, and compounds.

Education: BSDegree

Molecular Research Scientist

Design and perform experiments on the molecular and cellular level to help gain insight on cell functions. Molecular biologists often perform experiments that are related to DNA sequencing, cloning, RNA functioning, and other cellular techniques.

Education: BSDegree

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Ensures that all aspects of a company comply with applicable regulations and standard operating procedures. The responsibilities and duties of a regulatory affairs manager’s include assisting with the development of standards for the company's operating and production procedures (SOPs), coordinates with operations departments regarding production compliance with regulations, and serve as a liaison between regulatory bodies and operating division of the company.

Education: BSDegree Experience: Field Experience

Research and Development Manager

R&D managers direct and coordinate research and development programs for potential new products. They are responsible for researching, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols in their organization/company to develop new products. The duties of R&D managers are to oversee complex research projects, analyze results, and manage subordinate staff in day-to-day tasks. ‚Äč

Education: BSDegree Experience: Field Experience

Food and Drug Administration Scientist

Protects public health safety establishing rules and regulations for the welfare and security of human and veterinary drugs, products, and medical devices. Establishing an efficient and more effective network for food supply, products, and cosmetics that emit radiation or other ways to improve health. Responsible for the marketing, manufacturing, and distribution of tobacco products by ensuring public health and safety to reduce tobacco for minors.

Education: BSDegree

Global Drug Safety Scientist

Increase drug safety by managing interactions and adverse effects through studies. Between studying pharmaceuticals and monitoring study participants for adverse effects and controls access to drugs.

Education: BSDegree

Molecular Biologist

Examine and study animals, plants, and human genetics identifying the variability and relationships between them. Work with DNA and RNA utilizing their chemistry, biology, physiology, and genetics backgrounds. 

Education: BSDegree

Bioinformatics Scientist

Uses computer software, hardware, and algorithms to study biological data. This is done for the purpose of finding a solution to a biological problem using technology and computer science. This position includes the use of genetic databases to identify potential diseases in any biological field as well as finding treatment options for such findings.

Education: BSDegree or MSDegree

Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance (QA) Manager are responsible for overseeing that the implementation, testing, evaluation of a product adheres closely to company standards. Duties and responsibilities of a QA manager include identifying and setting appropriate quality standards and specifications for products, identifying issues in products and recommending and facilitating a solution, and participate/coordinate product testing. 

Education: BSDegree  Experience: Field Experience

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