Technical Reports

The Center for Research offers a preprint publication service to all faculty in the College of Science and Health. At no charge, the Center will provide authors with a limited number of copies of the manuscript bound with a cover indicating that it is part of the CfR technical report series. To submit a manuscript for publication as a CfR technical report, just mail us a single copy with a cover memo indicating that this is your desire. The Center reserves the right to refuse to publish any material it deems inappropriate. These materials are catalogued and available in the library and will be available on this website.

The following documents in the CfR technical report series are available at the Center and in the library:


No. 101: A Note on The Best Invariant Estimator of a Distribution Function Under The Kolmogorov-Smirnov Loss, Zhiqiag Chen & Eswar Phadia 

No. 102: A Study of GaAs Surface Treatments, Gary J. Gerardi 

No. 103: Independence Dictates Probabilities, Zhiqiag Chen & Richard Vitale 

No. 104: Classical Semisimple Connected Lie Groups of Split Rank One, Marcelo Llarull 

No. 105: A Study of Paramagnetic Centers in Crystalline SiC and MOCVD GaN Films on Sapphire, Gary Gerardi 

No. 106: A Note on Bias Robustness of the Median, Zhiqiang Chen 

No. 107: Robustness of Schuster-Narvarte's Location Parameter, Zhiqiang Chen 

No. 108: SPLIT: A Run-time Disambiguation Technique for Pointer Aliasing, Bogong Su, Erh-Wen Hu and John Najarian 

No. 109: Density-dependent Seasonal Dynamics of Ixodes Scapularis (Acari: Ixodidae) Nymphs, Stephen Vail and Gary Smith 

No. 110: On the Pigno-Saeki Property and Subsets of Discrete Abelian Groups, Mangatiana A. Robdera 

No. 111: Site-specific Pegylation of Peptides, Arthur M. Felix 

No. 112: Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Predict Day-to-day Variation of Blacklegged Tick (Acari: Ixodidae) Nymphs in New Jersey, Stephen Vail & Gary Smith 

No. 113: Analysis of Non-numeric Loop Programs and its Impact on Instruction Level Loop Optimization, Bogong Su, Erh-We Hu, John Najarian, Hector Grullon, Juan Ramirez,& Anthony Ortenzi 

No. 114: Vertical Movement and Diel Questing by Blacklegged Tick (Acari: Ixodidae) Nymphs as a Function of Temperature, Humidity, and Photoperiod in Field and Laboratory Experiments, Stephen Vail and Gary Smith 

No. 115: CCF: A Correction Code Free Data Speculative Approach for Instruction-Level Parallel Processing, Bogong Su, Erh-Wen Hu, John Najarian 

No. 116: Ultrastructural Evidence of Detoxification in the Alimentary Canal of Urechis Caupo, Jaishri Menon and Alissa J. Arp 

No. 117: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Study of Electron Hopping in A1-Doped 6H SiC, Gary J. Gerardi 

No. 118: A Study of Source Level Loop Optimization for DSP Code Generation, Bogong Su and Jian Wang 

No. 119: Program Optimization and Compilation for Conventional DSP Processors. Bogong Su, Erh-Wen Hu, Jian Wang, and Stanley Habib

No. 120: A Scalable Loop Optimization Approach for Scalable DSP Processors. Jian Wang, Bogong Su, and Erh-Wen Hu

No. 121: Density Dependence and Population Regulation in Larval and Nymphal Stages of the Blacklegged Tick (Ixodes scapularis) Life Cycle: Experiments and Mathematical Models. Stephen G. Vail, E. Paul Wileyto, Robert Hopkins, and Gary Smith

No. 122: Continued Fractions and Catalan Problems. Mahendra Jani and Robert G. Rieper

No. 123: The Imbedding Sum of a Graph. Robert G. Rieper

No. 124: Fluid Flow in Collapsible Elastic Tubes: A Three-Dimensional Numerical Model. Madeleine E. Rosar

No. 125: Valleyless Sequences. Robert G. Rieper and Melkamu Zeleke

No. 126: Some Theoretical and Empirical Observations on Squatter Settlement Growth in West African Cities. Thomas Y. Owusu.

No. 127: Production of Infinitives by Language-Impaired Children. Sarita Eisenberg and AdriennVegh-Soti.

No. 128: Improved Volume Concentration in Three Dimensional Computations of Flows with Immersed Elastic Boundaries. Madeleine E. Rosar and Charles S. Peskin.

No. 129: Knowledge and Attitudes of High School Students Towards Geography: Paterson Case Study. Monica Nyamwange.

No. 130: Water Quality of Goffle Brook and Molly Ann Brook, Passaic County, New Jersey. Michael J. Sebetich, Amy Mundhenk, and Ryan Higgins.

No. 131: Choice and Constraint in Immigrant Housing in North American Cities: A Canadian Case. Thomas Y. Owusu.

No. 132: Ion Sources in Throughfall Due to Species-Specific Interactions of Tree Leaves and Precipitation. Richard R. Pardi and Janet Thevenin.

No. 133: A Performance Metric for DSP Processors. Bogong Su and Erh-Wen Hu, Kadijatu Davies, Micael Hollick, Eduardo Jimenz, and Eddie Rosado.

No. 134: Incorporation of Improved Velocity Solver in the Model of Flow in an Elastic Tube. Madeleine E. Rosar

No. 135: Characteristics of Day Roosts Used by Female Northern Long-Eared Bats (Myotis Septentrionalis) in New Jersey. Lance S. Risley, Andrew Malko, and Lucas Pilipski.

No. 136: Assembly Code Conversion Through Pattern Mapping Between Two VLIW DSP Processors: A Case Study. Erh-Wen Hu, Bogong Su, and Joseph Manzano.

No. 137: A Three Dimensional Model Embodying Realistic Architecture in the Outer Renal Medulla. Madeleine E. Rosar.

No. 138: Localization of NADPH-diaphorase, indicator of nitric oxide synthase activity in central nervous system of Xenopus laevis tadpoles. Christina Barton and Jaishri Menon.

No. 139: The Economic and Housing Experiences of Ghanaian Immigrants in Toronto. Thomas Y. Owusu.

No. 140: Water Quality in Two Urban Streams – Molly Ann and Goffle Brooks, Northern New Jersey. Richard R. Pardi and Amy McWatters.

No. 141: A Feasibility Test of the Carbon-14 Light/Dark Bottle Method for Measuring Primary Productivity in New Jersey Lakes. Michael J. Sebetich and Michael J. Ambrose.

No. 142: On the Distribution of Error Terms in Speech and Hearing Research. H. Betty Kollia and Jay Jorgenson.

No. 143: Abundance, Distribution, and Species Diversity of Bats at Morristown National Historical Park. Lucas M. Pilipski, Jacob D. Pilipski, and Lance S. Risley.

No. 144: Economic Transition in the City of Paterson, N.J., 1800-1990: Causes, Impacts, and Urban Planning Implications. Thomas Y. Owusu.

No. 145: A Mathematical Model of the Inner and Outer Renal Medulla. Madeleine Rosar.

No. 146: DePipeline, A Software-Pipelined Loop. Bogong Su, Erh-Wen Hu, Joseph Manzano, Jian Wang.

No. 147: Query Capabilities and Evaluation in Multi-Dimensional Databases within the Contest of an Enterprise Data Warehousing Architecture. Cyril S. Ku.

No. 148. A Theoretical Simulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cells During Oxygen Fluctuations: Predictions of Bone Marrow Responses During Blood Loss. Eliana S. Antoniou, Steve Sund, Emile N. Homsi, Leonard F. Challenger, Prancia Rameshwar.

No. 149. A Maximum Mixedness Stirred Reactor Model with Specifiable Degrees of Thermal Mixing. Donna Jean Cedio-Fengya, Robert Barat, John G. Stevens.

No. 150. Using GIS Based Spatial Analysis to Identify Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Pattern with social-economic Status in Shelby County, Tennessee. Pin-Shuo Liu.