WISE logo   Women in science and engineering WISE program is  

   designed especially for women who are majors or

   aspiring majors in:


  • chemistry
  • physics
  • math
  • biology
  • computer science
  • environmental science
  • kinesiology
  • public health
  • communication disorders and sciences
  • nursing

       Our program goals:

  •     to make sure that women with well-developed skills don't end up stuck at lower levels working in labs.
  •     to build science women who will take leadership positions, directing the field.




  • Inviting successful women scientists from companies to academia to give seminars about their journey in science and their outstanding achievements
  • Mentoring every talented women who are science students via our mentoring program 
  • Sponsoring attendance to scientific events for research-involved women science students
  • Career guidance via workshops and one-to-one discussions
  • Creating networks within science departments



Dr. Kelley R. Healey




WISE – BD Lecture series

BD logo


Tuesday, February 11th

“Process R&D: Green and Sustainable Chemistry for Manufacturing on Scale” -by Dr. Hong Ren, Associate Principle Scientist, Merck


Tuesday, March 10th

“How to Have a Satisfying Career: Learn, Contribute, and Make Money”-by Dr. Monika Vnuk, Senior Executive, VP of Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer

Thursday, April 2nd

“A Scientific Journey Conquering Imposter Syndrome with Inspiration, Resilience, and a Love for Science” -by Dr. Esmeralda Ramirez-Peña, Cancer Prevention Fellow at the National Cancer Institute





Dr. Allegra LeGrande (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies at Columbia University)

" Volcanoes and the Climate System"

Dr. Ismée Williams ( Pediatric Cardiologist)

"Predictors of neurodevelopment outcome in children born with congenital Heart disease"

Panel Discussion with Scientists from BD Life Sciences

Dr. Jean Fuller-Stanley (Associate Dean)

" College of Science and Health, WP"

Dr. Renuka Sankaran (Associate Professor)

" Department of Biological Sciences, Lehman College, CUNY, Bronx, NY"

Dr. Stefanie Brachfeld

"One good decision, no matter what."

Deborah Sheffield (Career Counselor at WPU) 

"Careers in the Fields of Math, Biology, and Chemistry"

Kuljit Chima (Dermatologist)

"Non-surgical facial rejuvenation"

Dr. Malika Jeffries - EL (Iowa State University)

"Adventures in Organic Synthesis: How Carbon can Change the World"

Dr. Ala Saadeghevziri (Newark College of Engineering & NJIT)

"Engineering Careers and Programs at NJIT"

Dr. Yvonne Cangelosi (VP Sales & Marketing, SPEX, CertiPrep Inc.

"A Woman's Journey in the Field of Science"

Dr. Eliza Michalopoulou (NJIT)

"Computational Mathematics: Research Activities in Ocean Acoustics and Beyond"

Dr. Daniela Shebitz (Kean University)

"Learning to play with dirt.. professionally"

Dr. Patricia Kenschaft (Montclair State University)

"MATH: A Life Journey"

Mondana Yazdi, M.D. (Pediatrician)

"Woman and Achievement: Challenges and Perseverance"

Quest Diagnosis (trip)

Dr. Yvone Lue, the director of Microbiology and Virology offered her services and took our group around the facilities explaining what each of the several departments’ responsibilities.

UMDNJ (trip)

toured of the labs along with a talk in stem cell research was incorporated

Kessler Foundation (trip)

SPEX Certiprep Company (trip)

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