Graduate Student Accomplishments


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Bujalski, Ashley: Young Professionals Award (National Commission on Correctional Health Care 2022).

Harden, Alyson: PsyD Excellence Award (William Paterson University Psychology Department, 2023).

Hassabelnaby, Raghad: Community Service Grant recipient (NJPA 2020-2021).

Kuku, Sekinat: Community Service Grant recipient (NJPA 2020-2021); Honorable Mention from the Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) of  American Psychological Association (APA March 2020); 2019 Academic and Scientific Affairs’ Graduate Student Research Award, Symptoms in Non-Offending African American/Black and Latinx Caregivers of Sexually Abused Children: Ethnicity/Race and Immigration Considerations, Academic and Scientific Affairs Division, New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA)

Perera, Keshani: New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) Academic and Scientific Affairs’ Student Research Award 2021; NJPA, Social Advocacy Dissertation Grant 2020 Dissertation Topic: Bicultural Identity Integration as a Protective Factor Against the Stress Appraisal of Color Based Racial Discrimination among first and 1.5 generation immigrant college students; NJPA Academic and Scientific Affairs Graduate Student Research Award 2020; Ruby New Hall Memorial Scholarship 2020; Graduate Assistantship Tuition Waiver (2017-2020)

Watkins, Christopher: First place recipient of the Dr. Lawrence Houston Scholarship (2021)


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Kuku, Sekinat: Featured on William Paterson University News. Click here to view.

Perera, Keshani: Featured on New Jersey Psychological Association (NJPA) podcast. Click here to view.


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