Faculty & Staff Directory

Ginsberg, Amy
Deans Office V4112 x2594 ginsberga3@wpunj.edu
Feola, Dorothy
Associate Dean
Deans Office V4112 X2138 X3647 feolad@wpunj.edu
Alford, James Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4028 X2598 X3670 alfordj3@wpunj.edu
Alon, Sandra Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4026 X3973 X3094 alons@wpunj.edu
An, Heejung Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4090 x2280 X3670 anh2@wpunj.edu
Brillante, Pamela Special Education & Counseling V3102 x2279 X2737 brillantep@wpunj.edu
Brown, Elizabeth Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4101 x2469 X3137 browne28@wpunj.edu
Bundy, Anthony Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4076 x3974 X3094 bundya@wpunj.edu
Burns, Candace Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V3007 x3155 x3094 burnsc@wpunj.edu
Chambers, Alex Special Education & Counseling V3101-A X3097 X2737 chambersa5@wpunj.edu
Cheruvu, Ranita Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4097 x3086 X3137 cheruvur@wpunj.edu
Colley, Kabba Secondary & Middle School Education V4019 X2532 X3670 colleyk@wpunj.edu
Danzinger, Paula Special Education & Counseling V3001 x3085 X2737 danzingerp@wpunj.edu
Dean, LaShauna M Special Education & Counseling V3113 x3923 X2737 deanl@wpunj.edu
Decker, Karen Special Education & Counseling V3111 x3442 X2737 deckerk1@wpunj.edu
Doberick, Alison Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4100 x3674 X3137 dobericka@wpunj.edu
Drew, Meredith Special Education & Counseling V3005 x3092 X2737 drewm2@wpunj.edu
Fallace, Thomas Secondary & Middle School Education V3099 X3942 X3670 fallacet@wpunj.edu
Fancera, Samuel Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4079 x3088 fanveras@wpunj.edu
Fattal, Laura Early Chilhood & Elementary Education V4100 x3949 X3137 fattall@wpunj.edu
Ferguson-Russell, Darlene Secondary & Middle School Education V4011 X3487 X3670 russelld@wpunj.edu
Fornarotto, Liana Director- Office of Educational
Enrollment & Certification
V4113D X2206 X2989 fornarottol@wpunj.edu
Fuentes, David Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4108 x3145 X3137 fuentesd2@wpunj.edu
Gimenez Hinkle, Michelle Special Education & Counseling V3112 X3971 X2737 hinklem@wpunj.edu
Gonzalez, Michelle Special Education & Counseling V3004 x3799 X2737 gonzalezm77@wpunj.edu
Griswold, Peter Special Education & Counseling V3008 x3761 X2737 griswoldp@wpunj.edu
Hill, Djana Secondary & Middle School Education V4009 X2260 X3670 hilld@wpunj.edu
Hong, Carrie Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4083 X2130 X3670 hongc1@wpunj.edu
Hylton-Lindsay, Althea Secondary Education & Counseling V4001 X2386 X3670 hyltona@wpunj.edu
Leathers, Lillian Secondary Education & Counseling V4001 X3796 X3137 leathersl@wpunj.edu
Malu, Kathleen Educational Leadership and Professional Studies V3098 X2679 X3094 maluk@wpunj.edu
Mankiw, Sue Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4096 x3932 X3137 mankiws@wpunj.edu
McNeal, Kelly Special Education & Counseling V3002 X2911 X2738 mcnealk@wpunj.edu
Mongillo, Geraldine Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4087 X3139 X3670 mongillog@wpunj.edu
Mulrine, Christopher Special Education & Counseling V3003 x3123 X2737 mulrinec@wpunj.edu
Norris-Bauer, Nancy Director of Professional
Development & School/Community
V4023 X3131 X3503 norrisn@wpunj.edu
Northington-Purdie, Cynthia Secondary & Middle School Education v4020 X3134 X3670 northingtonc@wpunj.edu
Orr, Lynne Deans Office V3104 X3021 X3647 oorl@wpunj.edu
Pozzi, Ellen Educational Leadership & Professional Studies V4028 X3784 X3670 pozzie@wpunj.edu
Renn, Margaret Director-Field Experiences V3111 X3978 X3503 rennm@wpunj.edu
Roseenthal, Julie Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4106 x3087 X3137 rosenthalj@wpunj.edu
Seplocha, Holly Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4103 x2310 X3137 seplochah@wpunj.edu
Tutela, Joelle Director-Accreditation &
Educational Innovation
V4112 X3150 X3647 tutelaj@wpunj.edu
Urgolo Huckvale, Manina Special Education & Counseling v3012 X2118 X2737 urgolohuckvalem@wpunj.edu
Vandergast, Timothy Special Education & Counseling v3013 x2471 X2737 vandergastt@wpunj.edu
Verdicchio, Ronald Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4098 x2141 X3137 verdicchior@wpunj.edu
Walsh, Kevin Educational Leadership &
Professional Studies
v4089 x3136 x3670 walshk@wpunj.edu
Warner, Lisa Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4012 x3717 X3137 warnerl4@wpunj.edu
Weiland, Linnea Early Childhood & Elementary Education V4092 x2332 X3137 weilandl@wpunj.edu
Weng, Pei-Lin Special Education & Counseling V3099 x3130 X2737 wengp@wpunj.edu
Stacey Steiner
Program Assistant
Office of Educational Enrollment &
V4113B X2139 X2989 steiners@wpunj.edu
Arva, Cathy Ann
Office of Field Experiences V3108 X2109 X3503 arvac@wpunj.edu
Avendano, Natalia New Jersey Center for Quality Ratings V3016 X6217 avendanon@wpuj.edu
Bush, Elaine
Department Secretary
Elementary & Early Childhood Education V4094 X2331 X3137 bushe@wpunj.edu
Busko, Lauren
Project Coordinator
New Jersey Center for Quality Ratings V3016 X2250 buskol@wpunj.edu
Earle, Felicia
Dean's Secretary
Office of the Dean of Education V4112 X2138 X3467 earlef@wpunj.edu
Ferrier, David
Program Coordinator
Center for Leaders & Learners V4007 X6214 X3467 ferrird@wpunj.edu
Gaul, Amy
Project Specialist
New Jersey Center for Quality Ratings V3016 X3786 gaula@wpunj.edu
Grosso, Patricia
Program Assistant
Office of Field Experiences V3108 X2108 X3503 grossop@wpunj.edu
Kochka, Janet
Program Assistant
Office of Field Experiences V3108 X3132 X3503 kochkaj@wpunj.edu
Samiz, Cecile
Project Assistant
Special Education & Counseling V3012 X2118 samizc@wpunj.edu
Silver, Deanna Accreditation & Educational Innovation V4110 X6240 X3467 silverd@wpunj.edu
Stevens, Priscilla
Department Secretary
Secondary & Middle School Education V4016 X2120 X3670 stevensp@wpunj.edu

Program Assistant
Professional Development & School/Community Partnership V4025 X3529
Wright, Michele
Professional Service Specialist
Office of Educational Enrollment & Certification V4112A X3685 X2989 wrightm@wpunj.edu
Accounts Payable X3643
Business Services X2533
Copy Machine X2767
Continuing Education & Distance Learning X2491
Graduate Studies X2580
Graduate Admissions X3641
Media X2140
Physical Education X2336
Provost Office X2122
Registrar's Office X2201
Repairs & Service - Machines X2846