What is Tableau?

A powerful data visualization tool that is used in the Business Intelligence Industry. Through the patented technology VizQL, Tableau can visually express data through drag-and-drop actions in the intuitive interface. Tableau connects to or extracts data from all types of sources that can be used to generate graphs and charts to produce interactive dashboards that provide actionable insights to drive any business forward. To learn more, visit Tableau’s we bsite:

How do I access Tableau?

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder are available on all computers in the GBFI Lab room 2014 on the Valley Road campus. Additionally, students get free access to download Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder on 2 personal devices (Windows or Mac) by creating an account with their student information using this link: This license expires after 1 year and requires renewal

How do I learn how to use Tableau?

Tableau eLearning offers interactive web-based training that is designed to help you learn tableau regardless of skill level. Students will get a free access code to all Tableau eLearning courses when they create an account with their student information using the link above. To access the eLearning website, use this link:

LinkedIn Learning offers additional self-paced training courses that will enable you to use Tableau effectively. Link to course that we don’t have yet. LinkedIn Learning is available to all WPU students via the WPConnect page.


  • Tableau Desktop has three main certifications available

    • Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification
      • Fundamental skills
      • 3 months of experience suggested
      • Never expires
      • 1 hour time limit
      • $100

    • Tableau Desktop Associate Certification
      • Comprehensive understanding
      • 5 months of experience suggested
      • Valid for 2 years
      • 2 hour time limit
      • $250

    • Tableau Desktop Professional Certification
      • Advanced Knowledge
      • 1 year of experience suggested
      • Valid for 3 years
      • 3 hour time limit
      • $600

    • To learn more about the certifications offered, including the newest Data Analyst certification, use this link:
  • GBFI (CCOB) does not cover the cost of the certifications

Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free platform that can be used to explore, create, and share data visualizations. It's a place where you can post your own visualizations from your portfolio, as well as become inspired by the work of others. To make an account and join the community use this link:

Tableau Workshop 

Click here for upcoming workshops.

What’s Included?

Free Account

Student Account

Free training content



Tableau eLearning



Tableau Desktop



Tableau Prep Builder



Tableau Public