Technology & Software


The Financial Learning Center is equipped with the latest technology to serve the students and community with a powerful array of tools for their financial needs. This hardware includes the list below:

  • Rise Tickerboard and screens which provide stock quotes and other data feeds
  • Eleven HD screens for video feeds 
  • 30 student workstations featuring dual-screen PCs
  • Full multimedia equipment, including advance interactive system
  • Data feeds with global coverage of financial information, including Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg
  • Variety of industry standard databases, sofwtare packages, and trading platforms
  • HD video conferencing, Cynergy Recording


The Financial Learning Center has a host of software applications for students to use. This list of state-of-the-art software includes:

  • Bloomberg Professional
  • Refinitiv Eikon and Datastream for Office
  • Tableau Desktop / Tableau Prep Builder
  • R / R Studio
  • MorningStar
  • SPSS
  • ProSeries
  • GMetrix
  • Alteryx (SPARKED)
  • Stata
  • Baker Hill NextGen
  • Impero
  • Compass

To learn more about how to get certified in the relevant software to you, please visit our Certification's page